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Blogging Tips

April 19, 2010 in Kidjacked

I try to check out each of your blogs every month as part of my regular maintenance of the site. We will be giving the site a face lift very soon along with a lot of new features.

Did you know that you can change your blog template? My wonderfully hubby chose a beatiful default theme for our users but as many of you have already discovered, there are many more to choose from. We have enable a large selection of themes that my husband has checked out, in which all the features offered actually work.

Be sure to check out the alternative templates.

The landing page will be changed and look significantly different very soon. Be sure to explore the site and features. I know you will be pleased and amazed. If you want your blog to be seen, you need to post as often as possible; daily is ideal but even weekly will improve your search engine presence.

A few additional tips today:

  • Space is good – break up your posts into paragraphs. Using smaller paragraphs makes online reader much easier on your readers. Believe it or not many people have trouble reading long articles with no breaks.
  • Use sentence case type. Authors who write in all caps are considered YELLING, in the online world. I personally think those who write in all lower case are simply too lazy to use good writing habits. Both are hard on your readers.
  • Keep it short. The ideal blog post is between 500 to 800 words. That’s not to say they can’t be longer or shorter but you should target your blog for this range for maximum readablity.

That’s it for day. Keep writing. I’ll have more tips for you next week.


Tips for Creating your New Blog!

June 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

Starring at a blank page can be a little intimidating – trust me – I know all about that. So, I’ve decided to post some tips that should help you when putting on your face to the world. I will update the list as I think of more.

Getting Started – First you need to think of a name. The name should be short, creative and expressive. The title must be less than 55 Characters, excess characters will be discarded.

Write so visitors will read – As a blog owner, you hope that others will take the time to read about your ordeal and hopefully avoid making the same mistakes you did. So, make it readable.

  1. Keep paragraphs short, long paragraphs are more difficult to read online, so be sure to break up the text often.
  2. Be sure to use sentence case. Reading text in all lower case letters or in all CAPS isn’t fun. Did you know that writing in all caps is considered shouting? No one likes to be yelled at.
  3. Use your spell checker to help avoid spelling mistakes.
  4. Lastly, be sure to proof read your posts. Are they clear and complete thoughts? Will a reader be able to understand the points you are trying to make?

Share – We were all taught to share in school and at home when we were young. Send a link to your blog to family and friends. Encourage them to post their comments. Sharing not only helps you but other bloggers and it will help keep our stories alive.

Read and Comment – Be sure to read other blogs and give your comments. Some of the stories you find will surprise you, make you angry and you just might learn something to help with your own case.

More tips coming soon! Happy Blogging

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