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Oregon Child Kidnapping

June 26, 2016 in Child Protective Services, CPS

Press release

cps-memeEugene, OR: June 26, 2016 — Although 3 ½ year old M.E.D. has not yet been removed from his parents loving care as of yet, his parents fought back against Lane County DHS Child Welfare and filed a Federal lawsuit against the state on June 8th after discovering massive amounts of fraud that had occurred by DHS case workers over the last six months in regards to the mishandling of their case. In direct retaliation, the father’s disability benefits were slashed to next to nothing and the agency filed a “new” bogus child welfare case in an attempt to sidestep the Federal courts established jurisdiction over the matter.

The story unfolds after the mother took M.E.D. to the Riverbend Emergency Room last December to get him checked out. After the doctors told her he was okay and they began to check out, the police were called and the mother and child were detained against their will, for several hours as other unnecessary and invasive procedures ensued.

It was revealed at some point that the father was on disability, which is what the mother believes to have contributed to the gross police misconduct. Once the sleep deprived mother had finally had enough of the abuse of power, and was clearly upset about the situation, the tables were turned and Lane County Child Welfare was contacted. When the mother refused to sign an ROI without an attorney present, DHS caseworker Kelsey Nielson retaliated against the family by initiating a safety monitoring plan, alleging that the child was not safe in the mother’s care. The mother was informed that if she left the ER with her child, she would be arrested and detained and her child would be taken into protective custody.

On December 29th, just 4 days after Christmas, Kelsey Nielson once again threatened the mother stating that if she didn’t sign a voluntary service plan, her child would be taken into protective custody 2 days later and court would get involved. The mother reluctantly submitted and agreed to the “voluntary” plan to avoid court involvement. 4 days later, the family was served with a faulty summons to appear at the Lane County Juvenile Court with their child. No statement of their parental rights were included with the summons, as required by law.

The mother hired a private attorney for $5,000 who coerced her and her husband, in collusion with the DHS caseworker, to admit to “possibly benefitting from additional parenting classes” and to “having a traumatic brain injury. Because these admissions weren’t crimes, they were told everything would be fine, and over the course of 6 months, the parents jumped through multiple hoops in order to maintain legal custody of their child. Nevertheless, the agency was always asking them to do more and more.

Finally, they demanded that both parents undergo psychiatric evaluations with DHS staffed psychologists. Because they had heard of the danger of undergoing such biased types of exams, and after finally receiving copies of their discoveries from their attorneys, the parents fired their attornies and took matters into their own hands, filing notices of tort claims and initiating a full blown Federal lawsuit against the state.

The agency retaliated by falsely alleging that the mother “believes children at her son’s daycare slice their fingers off with knives” and that she let M.E.D. “runs around in a parking lot” that doesn’t even exist. This time, mother fired her new public defender and represented herself pro se. She asked the judge if she was entitled to fair and meaningful hearing, and much to her surprise, the juvenile court judge changed her entire tone.

The mother caught the caseworker in multiple lies under oath, in front of the judge. Towards the end of the hearing on June 16th, the judge acknowledged that her ability to make any decisions on the old case was stayed due to the Federal lawsuit. However, she misinterpreted that she could make decisions on the new case, and set the shelter hearing over to June 22nd at 1:30 pm. She informed DHS that they could remove a child from a home if they believed they were in serious danger, but she was not going to make any such orders or grant them permission to do so until the hearing was completed. The hearing has been set over once again until this Wednesday, June 29th.

Once the family arrived home, they had gotten word from the other arm of DHS, Seniors & Disabled Services, that nearly all of their household income was being cut. They also discovered a Protective Custody Order that was dated for the day before, thus proving a premeditated plan to kidnap their child had been made, alleging that the parents failed to participate in any services, and that their child was to be placed in “stranger foster care”.

On June 20th, two DHS caseworkers arrived at the family’s residence with six Eugene Police Officers. They
claimed that they were there to take custody of their child. The parents refused to open the door because the officers were unable to produce a warrant to that effect. However, despite the Federal court papers pinned to their door, the officers and caseworkers repeatedly claimed that they had legal custody of their child. They eventually left and have not returned since. The entire charade was caught on camera. M.E.D. could be seen playing safely in the kitchen, but stating “I don’t want to be taken” as his mother tried to console him that everything would be fine.

For now, the family is safe and out of harm’s way until the continuation of the shelter hearing being held this Wednesday. But there is no telling what the next corrupt action will be at this point.

What the judge, DHS, and the other attorneys don’t seem to understand, is that the Federal lawsuit stays ALL juvenile court proceedings, including but not limited to removal of the child from the parents custody in addition to all illegal hearings and new cases that arise in regards to the matter.

Shauneen Scott from the Department of Administrative Services Risk Management Department in Salem is currently investigating the case through the Department of Human Services, but was unavailable for commenting today, along with the Oregon Department of Justice state attorney general.

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E.R. Staff Bullies Parents

June 13, 2011 in Arkansas, Child Protective Services, CPS, family rights, Louisiana

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Trying to be good parents in this day and age can be a real challenge. These parents were forced to subject their child to 7-hip X-rays within the span of just a couple of days, putting her at risk of radiation poisoning.  Then ACH social workers threaten the parents with removal, if they don’t put their child at further risk by having a possibly unneeded surgery.

“After complaining of hip pain and walking with a limp off and on for  three weeks, on 01 Jun 11, Briana was complaining of pain.   I (Brandi) made an appointment for the  following day (02 Jun 11) with Dr. Steven Venters in Farmerville, LA.  Dr. Venters examined Briana, concluding that  she maintained full flexion in her hip/leg area and also ordered x-rays to be  performed at Union General Hospital.  He  prescribed a high dose of Aleve for pain and possible inflammation.   At three or so in the afternoon on the 2nd  Briana had two x-rays and they were sent to Venters’ office.” ~ Paul Bumgardner  [Read more…]

Not only are these health-care workers bullies they show a total disregard for this child’s health and welfare. What gives these people the right to usurp a parents best judgement.

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The effects of radiation from repeated X-rays accumulate over a lifetime, so radiologists consider the patient’s total exposure and weigh up the risks before performing further X-ray tests. Techniques and technology are very sophisticated these days, significantly reducing the risk of excessive exposure, which is known to cause radiation sicknesses (such as blood disorders and skin problems).

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Attachment Parenting Lost

August 29, 2008 in False Allegations, foster care, Kidjacked, Maryland

How long does it take for a traumatized child to recover? Who can and should be held accountable for inflicting undo stress and emotional abuse on innocent children? These are questions that must be answered. How many children must suffer before our government takes action?

Attachment Parenting Opportunity Lost

My son is 13-months-old. He turned 13-months-old while in foster care. My home has always been a very “attached” home. I believe in extended breastfeeding, positive reinforcement, baby wearing, and co-sleeping, to name a few of the child care practices in my home. I have two other sons, ages 7 and 6 years old. I have no history of abuse/neglect allegations, nor do I have any history of any interaction at all with CPS before this incident.

My son came home from an overnight visit with his father (only the 2nd overnight visit to take place) on Monday, August 11, 2008 with a small bump on his head. As he’s just learning to walk, the occasional bump is to be expected. I did not immediately seek medical attention, as there was nothing to lead me to believe that this was an abnormal injury.

On Wednesday, August 13, 2008, the small bump on his head became swollen, and felt soft when I touched it. I called our pediatrician, described the bump to him, and told him how the baby’s behavior had not changed at all. Our pediatrician told me to go ahead and wait until our previously scheduled appointment the next morning. I was not entirely comfortable with that answer, so I called the triage nurse at the local emergency room and went through the same conversation with her. She gave me the same answer, to wait till the appointment with the pediatrician the next day. I still wasn’t comfortable with that answer, as my son’s head is not supposed to be soft, so I took him to the hospital, when it became obvious to me that this was not a normal bump on the head.

A trip to the ER

After having him examined at the emergency room, I was told that he has a ‘hairline skull fracture’. He was admitted to the pediatric ward of the hospital, where I stayed with him the entire time he was there.

The police were called, and I was questioned, interviewed, and accused of hurting my son by the detective that was handling the case. CPS was called. I was interviewed, questioned, and (I felt) accused by the social worker that was handling the case. The decision was made to remove my youngest son (but not the older two) from my care.

My youngest son, Charlie, was placed in the care of my father and stepmother over the weekend, but they were unable to continue providing care for him, due to the number of hours per week that they both work. In court, a decision was made to hold “the child” (not once has anyone official used my son’s name when referring to him) over in foster care for 30-days while an investigation was completed. My son is a breastfed baby, although he does eat solid foods also.

Family denied contact

I presented to the workers the name, phone number, and contact information for everyone involved. I provided the contact information to the person that witnessed that my son came home with the bump on his head. This same person was present with me in the emergency room, and has been present with me every day, while I am afraid for my child. I have not been permitted to visit him, to see pictures of him, to speak to him on the telephone, or even to know where he was placed. I am afraid for my baby, and nobody is giving me any information to reassure me that he is OK.

Broken laws

In Maryland, when a decision is made to place a child in foster care, the parents have the right to suggest individuals with whom the child is already familiar with, as possible foster care placements. When a parent suggests a possible placement, CPS is required by law to investigate that placement within 3-days.

When my son was placed into foster care on August 18, 2008, I suggested a neighbor as a possible placement, who happens to be a licensed foster care worker, so that I would be able to continue to visit with my child, who is very attached to me and to his brothers, and so that my child would continue to be able to breastfeed. The judge agreed with this person becoming a possible placement, and recommended that CPS investigate them “As soon as possible.”

No investigation

An investigation has not even begun into the neighbor that I suggested, and my son has been in foster care for 11-days. By law, in the state of Maryland, a home visit is required when CPS is investigating someone, and I was told that there would be no home visit ‘unless the child is being returned’. Again, by law in the state of Maryland, CPS is required to provide a minimum of one visit per week to parents and siblings. I have not been able to visit with my Charlie, his brothers have not been able to visit with him, nor have his father, or his father’s child been able to visit with him.

I am writing this today in hopes that I can possibly use the media attention to prompt the Department of Social Services to follow the laws, begin and complete the investigation that they are to complete, and allow me the visits with my child that they are required to allow.

My older children are devastated by having their baby brother taken from them. My 7-year-old child cannot stop crying, whenever he sees or hears a baby, or anyone mentions his brother. My 6 year old is so stressed out over what’s been going on, not knowing when he’s going to see his brother or if his brother is going to come home, that he cannot stop vomiting.

He’s also very angry, so angry that he cannot even bear to talk about his baby brother. My 13-month-old son has never been away from me for even 24-hours, and now he has been away from me for 11-days, with literally no contact. I am afraid that he feels abandoned by his family, I am afraid that this will leave lasting emotional scars, not only on my youngest child, but on my older children as well.

What has been done to my family by this department is unacceptable, and I want someone to please help me force CPS in Baltimore City to follow the letter of the law, allow my child to visit with his family and begin the reunification process that the department is constantly boasting about.

Thank you,
Elizabeth O’Brien

Contact the Baltimore office of DSS at (443) 423-6300. Ask why an investigation hasn’t been completed, under Maryland law and why this child hasn’t been returned home. Please be polite and respectful.

Additional Contact Information:
Interim Director, Brian Wilbon (443) 378-4600
Legal Services (443) 378-4100

Baltimore City Department of Social Services
P.O. Box 17466
Baltimore, Maryland 21203-7466

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