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Kenai Foster Care

August 16, 2009 in Alaska, child abuse, CPS, foster care

My Child Lives in Fear!

My son is in foster care due to some behavior with alcohol, while I was away at work and he was with his mother.

The foster parents drink in front of him and go out drinking on weekends and sometimes drive with my 17-year-old son in the vehicle.

I complained and nothing was done. The foster parents then moved my son in with their 25-year-old daughter, who drinks and smokes pot and has a one-year-old child of her own.

I complained but nothing was done about. I’m told they can drink. I followed them for about 2 months, they continue to partake of the bar scene, so, one night when they leave the bar I call the police.

Well they didn’t get a DWI but his probation office is now telling my son that she is going to violate his probation because I turned the foster parents in.

This is ALASKA FOSTER CARE in Kenai.

James R.

Hardened Criminal

March 21, 2008 in child abuse, CPS, DCFS, Georgia

Hardened Criminal - Outside in Underware

In Dec. 2006, DCFS came to my house with a bogus report (again). They had a report that my 4-year-old was outside in his underwear.

I did exactly what I learned to do. I politely asked for her warrant, she did not have one. She was adamant about coming in my home. I politely told her that when she returns with a warrant then I would gladly allow her into my home.

Then the cop said that they don’t need a warrant. I explained the same to him. She then told me that she is getting a pick up order because I wouldn’t allow her in. The cop explained to me that she is taking my kids because I refused to allow her into my house. She only wanted to talk to my kids.

I then allowed her to talk to my kids outside. My kids would not speak. They got scared from the CPS workers hounding them with questions and started crying. I got fed up and grabbed my kids and told them to leave. She replied and said she needed to take them away from me and interview them. I refused and told her to get a warrant, turned and went back in my house and closed my door.

She returned about 20-minutes later with a pick up order to take all my kids. Including my oldest son who was at wrestling practice at the time.

In court the next day, the CPS worker stated that I bumped her while I was holding my baby and they charged me with assault. Since my 4-year-old son was outside in his underwear they charged me with 4 counts of contributing to delinquency of a minor, (1 for each child). I am also being charged with obstruction to an officer. I have yet to go to trial for these charges.

I do not know what I need to do. Do I press charges against these police officers? Does her having a pick up order give them a right to come in my home without a warrant?

If you know of anyone that can help me, please give him or her my telephone number (229) 424-7642.

Thank you and God Bless.

PS. I did contact head of DHR in Atlanta the next day and I did get my kids back after being in foster care for 9-days. CPS has since closed the case and I have not heard form them since (covering their asses, I know). I still have 6-charges pending against me.

(229) 423-7642

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