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Help Needed in Colorado

May 10, 2013 in Colorado, corruption, DSS

This mother has written me asking for advice, I have given it.  What is so frustrating is that people still go along with the program, until they don’t know what else to do, then they contact us.

This family did everything wrong… Do you have any advice for them now?

A 9 year old and 3 year old in Colorado using ...

On November 6, 2012, DSS took all four of my children because my 8 year old went to school and told them I gave him a black eye. Officers took my children to foster care based on the allegations of my son.

DSS sends my kids home, 20 days later after we agreed to do a parenting plan. It has been 6 months and my husband and I have complied with everything they asked, psych evaluations, individual therapy, in home counseling and CASA…

(Throughout all this we find out that our son who is 8 has Asperger’s syndrome based on a psych evaluation that DSS had done proved that my son cannot tell difference between fantasy and reality and that he doesn’t know the difference between truth and lie.)

We went into court 2 weeks ago and the judge decided that the case will be closed June 24 2013, as soon as we got resources for our son’s disability.

Last Wednesday my 8 year old goes to school with deep scratches on his neck and says his dad hit him with a baby hanger. Our worker decided without investigating that all our children were in immediate danger and had to be removed from our home. Now our case worker says if we agree to another case plan they will let the kids come home.

Me and my husband now want to fight this so our children are not ripped out of our home again. We refuse to go through any more of this. Did I mention that in one medical record that that my 8 year old admits to lying about abuse to get what he wants. Even our own case worker admits that he has lied to him about abuse.

What if anything can you do to help us? We know we have to get our side of the story on record and that by signing the agreement we are pleading guilty to abuse. Help us please!

D.V. in Pueblo, Colorado

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Kinship care vs Fostering

October 15, 2011 in California, DCF, DCFS, DHS, family rights, foster parents, grandparents rights, Idaho, Michigan

I’ve had several people in the past few weeks tell me that they wish to care for their own family members – as opposed to having them placed in foster care, with strangers. These grandparents, aunts, uncles and other close relatives are being told they must become certified foster parents.

Advocating for Children in Foster and Kinship Care: A Guide to Getting the Best out of the System for Caregivers and Practitioners Federal law requires that state social workers attempt to find suitable placement for “at risk” children, who are removed from their home. In many cases the state is merely paying lip-service and doesn’t actually follow the law.

This is a violation of federal law and the state can lose their federal funding. You should always report such violations of federal law to your U.S. House Representation. Call and request an investigation. You will need to provide them with a legal release form, along with the facts and any supporting documents.

Just today the Idaho Press-Tribune ran an interesting article:

In Idaho, more grandparents still in parental role

Many grandparents who take in grandchildren qualify for a $300 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families grant. The amount is the same regardless of the number of children in a family.

Grandparents also can become certified as foster parents, and take in their own grandchildren through the state system. That means more financial support. Monthly foster payments per child in Idaho range from $274 to $431 based on age; payments increase if children have special needs. Foster children get Medicaid cards and other benefits.

But many families don’t want to do that, Perry said. Some bristle at the idea of giving the state that much control over their families, even temporarily.

“They feel taking care of their own family is their responsibility,” he said.

Tracee Crawford, one of the leaders of the Grandparents as Parents of the Treasure Valley, a Southwest Idaho support group, said grandparents sometimes hesitate to ask for help of any kind, afraid that if they make trouble, their children will take the grandchildren away.

Becoming a legal guardian, another option, comes with its own complications, including steep legal costs, said Crawford.

She became part of a kin-care family when her daughter had cancer. Crawford cared for her and her grandson until her daughter died. She’s been in long legal battles with her former son-in-law over visitation rights with her grandson.

“To become a legal guardian, you have to prove a parent — your child — is unfit,” she said. “That’s really hard to do” — factually and emotionally.

Each state is different, which makes it difficult to know exactly what the law is your own state.

In my own case, I was shocked to find that while I was getting monthly kinship care checks from the State of California of ($357 – back in 2002), at the same time, another relative had a sibling to my grandson. The only difference was that they lived in Michigan; her checks from the State of Michigan – $123.  I felt bad for her because this child has autism and even in Michigan $123. doesn’t go far.

Be sure you check into your own states law, make a few phone calls, talk to an attorney and check out a few state websites before you sign anything. The choice you make could make a big difference in just how much help you are entitled to.

On that note, let me just remind you that if you accept money from the state, you accept all the strings that go along with that money, but it’s better than starving — maybe. We didn’t like giving up so much of our privacy, so we stopped received state funds many years ago – as soon as we could stand on our own two feet.

Knowledge is Power! Exercise your brain.

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DCFS and Rett Syndrome

October 4, 2011 in Adoption, Arkansas, corruption, DCFS, foster care, foster parents

Who will stand up and speak out against the power hungry DCFS workers in Little Rock, Arkansas? Even children with Rett Syndrome deserve parents! Why would the state prefer to warehouse children in an institution? It doesn’t make any sense. Read Jill’s story…

My daughter’s foster home closed this past week, due to some paperwork she had not turned in. I am by no means excusing this, as she has acknowledged she was in the wrong.

Official seal of City of Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock DCFS, Out of Control!

She and her husband were in the process of adopting three girls. The attorney for the 14 year old requested a hearing; the judge gave custody to my daughter and son in law. The judge said he was displeased with how DCFS had handled the case.

They removed the 4 year old from their home on Thursday; and placed her in an institution, located in North Little Rock. She suffers from Rett Syndrome, a severe form of autism, and she is unable to speak. They removed the six year old on Friday morning, and placed her in another foster home.

My daughter was told she could not speak to, nor assist with the transition of the four year old. My daughter is the only one who has cared for this child in three and a half years. She has fought the state on numerous occasions to get the training needed to care for this child.

DCFS also failed the children. The 14 year old met with her caseworker once – six months ago – the day before a court hearing. The next day, in court, the caseworker did not know her name, age, or where she went to school. Caseworkers, by law, are required to visit children on a weekly basis — no one has been in the home to check on any of the children in six months.

When we were in court, the DCFS workers were sitting directly in front of us, they talked about my family, knowing we could hear every word they uttered. One made the comment that she had wanted to close this foster home since last November. However, they placed another child in the home just this past spring.

The agency has opposed the adoption of the four year old because of her disability. They say she is better off in an institution.

We love this little girl and do not feel she is a burden at all. My daughter and son in law asked to proceed with the adoption of the four and six year old. They even offered to waive any stipend the state would pay, but the state workers declined. Maybe it is the position of the state that all handicapped children should live in an institution?

I believe these children belong in a loving home with friends and family to call their own. What the state is doing is wrong.

Jill H.
Little Rock, Arkansas

Learn More About Rett Syndrome

WebMD Medical Reference

Rett syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder that affects girls almost exclusively. When boys develop the Rett syndrome mutation, they die shortly after birth.

What Are the Symptoms of Rett Syndrome?

Although it’s not always detected, a slowing of head growth is one of the first events in Rett syndrome. Loss of muscle tone is also an initial symptom. Soon, the little girl loses any purposeful use of her hands. Instead, she habitually wrings or rubs her hands together.

Around 1 to 4 years of age, social and language skills deteriorate in girls with Rett syndrome. A girl with Rett syndrome stops talking. She develops extreme social anxiety and withdrawal or disinterest in other people.

Rett syndrome also causes problems with muscles and coordination. Walking becomes awkward as girls develop a jerky, stiff-legged gait. A girl with Rett syndrome may also have uncoordinated breathing and seizures.

Treatments for Rett Syndrome

There are treatments available for Rett syndrome. Rett syndrome treatments focus on helping a girl live the best life she can with the condition. Physical therapy can help improve mobility in these children. Speech therapy may help somewhat with language problems. Occupational therapy helps girls perform daily activities — like bathing and dressing — independently.

Experts believe that therapy can help girls with Rett syndrome and their parents. Although a “normal” life may not be possible, some improvement can be expected with therapy. Participating in activities — including school — and improved social interaction are sometimes possible.

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CPS is the devil himself!

May 22, 2010 in Child Protective Services, Colorado, corruption

Denver, Colorado Division of Child Welfare (CPS) has been in our lives for two years now because of a pediatrician turning us in for homeschooling. Since then, our child, who has Autism and is non-verbal, has been court ordered to attend public school. He went to school all last year and we have jumped through all of their hoops for two long years now.

This year our boy has missed a lot of school due to illness, sleeping issues and lack of communication and cooperation from his school. The social worker who is totally unknowledgeable about Autism and all the behavioral, health, and sensory issues that go along with it, thinks we are just keeping him out of school on purpose even though we explained to her why he misses school. We even take him to the doctor when he’s sick and we get excuses. 

Now, just recently, he has been court ordered to go to school no matter what, unless he is excused by a doctor, or else be taken away from us, his loving parents. Well, the day he was to go back to school after that court hearing, he came down with the croup; we kept him home and took him to the doctor’s. We got an excuse also. He stayed out of school a few more days because he was very sick, and he has a very low immune system on top of it, which makes it harder to get over illnesses. 

When he finally went back to school after being sick, he was not completely well, we dropped him off with a professional therapist who is court ordered to help see him off to school from our home. 

When the Para professionals, teacher’s aides, brought him to the car after school, he got into the car and as we were driving off, we noticed a rip in his pants in the crotch area. We did not know how big the rip was until we got home and changed his underwear. The rip was a 6-inch gaping hole in the entire crotch area that was initially cut then torn by, we believe, someone at the school. There was no way our child did that himself and there was no playground equipment there, there is no explanation for it. 

When we saw that, we immediately called the classroom to ask the teacher what happened. NO answer after we left three messages asking her to return our call. So, I emailed the superintendent and told them about it. I said I wanted to know what happened to the pants. 

Again, no answer. I called my advocate to ask what we should do but could only leave her a message. She apparently got my message but instead of calling me back, she called social services. The next day social services called and wanted to get the police involved. We did not want to do that just yet but we had no choice at that point. 

Our child was examined by the crisis center’s doctor and everything was documented with pictures taken of some bruises on his thighs as well. He had to miss school that day too. We kept him home for two days after the incident because we were very worried about what happened and not having any explanation or answers made our anxiety levels go through the roof. 

Little did we know that our caseworker would come over to our home to blame us for the incident and accuse us of causing it ourselves just so we could keep our son out of school. She believed the school when they eventually said that we sent him to school that way. We have a witness that he did not arrive to school that way but she did not care what we had to say about it. 

Now her and the Guardian Ad Litem for our son is requesting removal of him and are asking for custody because she claims that we have made this whole thing up to avoid sending him to school, even though we have since sent him back even during this investigation that’s going on because of the pants incident. All the while, being worried sick and having lots of feedback from rational people/parents of special needs children telling us that we did the right thing to tell someone and we should be demanding answers and keeping him out until we get them. 

Our caseworker is claiming we are using this as just another issue with that school and an excuse to not send him. She is also saying that we are mentally unstable using this school incident as an excuse to keep him at home. 

We are not even keeping him home from school, because of their constant threats. We have even just added additional speech and OT therapies to his agenda outside of the school setting and he is going to summer school. She has been on case for two years now and we sent him to school all last year. He has always gotten services throughout his life since his diagnosis such as speech, OT, feeding clinic, Day Treatment at the Children’s Hospital for his sleep and feeding issues. None of anything we do or have done matters to this rotten evil caseworker and GAL.

This Guardian Ad Litem, who is totally new to our case, is stating she believes that we are incapable of getting him the services that he needs. She doesn’t even know who we are.  But we have been all these years. She is crazy. She is just making up things that make no sense whatsoever just to go along with the caseworker. 

This is a travesty. 

I want the whole world to know how evil CPS and social services is. They will stop at nothing and use ANY made up excuse possible to completely destroy children, their families and lives period. 

Not only that, but they get big fat bonuses (thousands of dollars) to take special needs children away. 

This is as outrageous as anything can ever get. 

Denise W.
Denver, CO

Foster Parent Critical

December 15, 2008 in child abuse, CPS

Your site says "Child Protective Service agencies abuse their federally funded, state endorsed authority to destroy the lives of close to 1,000 children each and every day of the year."

I have five of those children in my home.

One was strapped in an infant car seat at 14-months-old and left in the roach infested bathroom because the birth mom’s (aka BM) new boyfriend thought he was a brat. He was in the hospital for the first 5-days with a diaper rash that had eaten away his skin to the bone.

One was sexually molested along with her 5 sisters by her BM; she was 9-months-old. One had so much methamphetamine in his system at birth that he suffered cardiac arrest at birth and was on oxygen and a heart monitor till he was 6-months-old; he’s autistic.

One has violent mood swings and self-injurious behaviors; his birth mother used meth through her pregnancy ’til she was arrested in a meth lab raid.

And one has fetal alcohol syndrome and struggles just to hold a pencil; he’ll be 6 years old on Christmas.

Each one of them were one of the 1000 children you mention whose lives were "destroyed" daily by CPS. Do you know what destroy means?

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