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Facebook Harassment Leads to Removal

April 11, 2013 in Child Protective Services, Florida, termination of parental rights, TPR

I have a daughter who was born on November 30, 2012, 15-weeks early weighing 1-lb 15 oz, after her release from the NICU she was readmitted into the hospital a few times for typical preemie issues. Since her birth we have had a page on Facebook “Reagans Place” that we have since unpublished for our families protection.

On March 16,2013, Reagan was readmitted to the hospital for feeding issues and failure to thrive after having a barium swallow study done at Wolfson Children’s Hospital on March 14, 2013. She was having an aversion to eating after the test like she was uncomfortable and since at this time she was at 6-lbs we could not afford for her to get dehydrated. Upon admission it was thought that she was uncomfortable because the barium has not passed yet so she was admitted on IV fluids and blood work and x rays were done showing the barium was still working its way through her.

Day One: in the hospital she still wasn’t eating she was on D10 with sodium and potassium, a Nasogastric tube was put in to force feeds but she threw them up, feeds were stopped so they could do a upper GI.

Day Two: the upper GI showed that she had re-flux she was put on medication, the hospital was giving her Tylenol as well because she was obviously uncomfortable she was still getting D10 with sodium and potassium and was barely eating, arching her back like she was in pain and screaming, not just for me but for nurses and doctors.

Day Three: March 18, 2013, Reagan was changed to D5 and still was refusing to eat I was getting scared that she had a lack of nutrition since her intake was so minimal and was assured she was okay, that we would force feed her through the Nasogastric tube. At around 6:00 pm, the doctor ordered a bolus of 30 ml of fluid which is about 1/6th of Reagans entire blood volume, lets remember she also had been getting fluid at 12 ml per hour for 3 days now. By 3:00 am on 3-19-2013, when they weighed her she had gained over 12 ounces and was turning purple.

I brought this concern up and was told it was gas and they must have weighed her wrong. She was still on fluid and still barely eating and obviously getting more uncomfortable and having bradycardia issues. Around 1:00 am on 3-20-2013, I called the doctor in worried Reagan looked very puffy and this doctor again said Reagan was gassy. How was my daughter gassy she wasn’t eating anything? At 3:00 am when they weighed her on 3-20-2013 she was up another 4 or 5 oz. I again questioned this and told it was of no concern!!

When the day doctor made rounds about 9:00 am on 3-20-2013, he asked me if I noticed how swollen Reagan was and I said yes and told him the night doctor told me it was all gas. This doctor sent her for tests and lab work and sure enough she was having some liver dysfunction and ascites. Her albumin levels were low according to lab work so she was given an albumin infusion and lasix and put on diuretics and over night Reagan lost over a pound and was back to a 6-lb baby and suddenly started eating like nobodies business. The doctors brought in specialists and ran all sorts of tests and the most I heard was from a genetics doctor, that Reagan had these same albumin issues in the NICU and he thinks its just something in her as a preemie that misfired when her body was stressed and lacking protein and had to much fluid. We posted all of this on her Facebook page as we updated her over 10-K followers daily through her journey.

Within hours a hate page was started attacking me called “Help Save Reagan from Her Mom” posting all sorts of legal information and more from my past. (I have screen shots of everything on the page.) I reported the page and followers reported the page and Facebook did nothing, except tell me them bullying me was violating no rules or laws. They went as far on that page to post the phone number to the hospital we were at and have people flood the hospital with calls that I must be poisoning Reagan. When they did not get the outcome they wanted from the hospital they launched an all out assault putting together a plan and posting all the information for people to make reports to DCF that Reagan was being poisoned be me. This all occurred on 3-22-2013 — Facebook still said they were violating no rules: (see Facebook dashboard below)

Support Dashboard
You’ll find the status of photos and timelines you report listed below.
Note: We use our Community Standards to evaluate these reports, and do our best to address reports within 48 hours. Have questions? Please visit Reporting Help.

You reported The truth about Reagans MOM’s photo for harassment.

This photo wasn’t removed

You reported The truth about Reagans MOM’s photo for harassment.

The truth about Reagans MOM removed this photo

You reported The truth about Reagans MOM’s photo for harassment.

This photo wasn’t removed

You reported Help Save Reagan From Her mom’s post for harassment.

This post wasn’t removed

You reported Help Save Reagan From Her mom’s photo for harassment.

Help Save Reagan From Her mom removed this photo

You reported Help Save Reagan From Her mom’s post for harassment.

This post was removed

You reported Help Save Reagan From Her mom’s photo for harassment.

This photo was removed

You reported Help Save Reagan From Her mom’s post for harassment.

This post wasn’t removed

You reported Help Save Reagan From Her mom’s photo for harassment.

Help Save Reagan From Her mom removed this photo


I then sent them the following email:

I would like you to know this is a page created to violently attack me and my children, they have taken pieces of court records, and photos from my Facebook and are exploiting me and my children and bullying and harassing our entire family. If Facebook can’t and won’t remove this page and ban these animals that are creating fake pages to do this I will be forced to file civil action against Facebook! What they are doing is against every rule you have on Facebook …. They are going as far as to use Facebook to file reports to DCF and to threaten my children.

How is this ok and how is this not bullying? They are using my property my intellectual property and bits and pieces of court records to constantly attack and harass me. People commit suicide for less then this! Understand that if Facebook allows this to continue I will be seeking a federal attorney to start proceedings against Facebook for civil damages to me and my family for allowing this to happen. Plenty of people, have reported this page for this attack and bullying and it needs to end. I will also take it to the media, I have screen shots of all of it and the decision by Facebook to allow this material to remain! Your own rules state:

Bullying and Harassment
Facebook does not tolerate bullying or harassment. We allow users to speak freely on matters and people of public interest, but take action on all reports of abusive behavior directed at private individuals. Repeatedly targeting other users with unwanted friend requests or messages is a form of harassment.

Hate Speech
Facebook does not permit hate speech, but distinguishes between serious and humorous speech. While we encourage you to challenge ideas, institutions, events, and practices, we do not permit individuals or groups to attack others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.

They are guilty of both of these actions and yet Facebook still thinks this page is not violating Facebook standards?

They have also violated both of these rules by publishing information including a hospital my sick daughter was in and encouraging people to call and say my daughter was being abused and also the same with DCF giving all my personal information:

Identity and Privacy
On Facebook people connect using their real names and identities. We ask that you refrain from publishing the personal information of others without their consent. Claiming to be another person, creating a false presence for an organization, or creating multiple accounts undermines community and violates Facebooks terms.

Intellectual Property
Before sharing content on Facebook, please be sure you have the right to do so. We ask that you respect copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights.

Again I strongly urge you to remove this page and ban them before I seek civil penalties against facebook!

Shauna Taylor

This was finally sent to them on April 7th. You may ask why it took so long to send this well here is why

When numerous people were allowed to continue bullying, stalking, and harassing my family through Facebook and personal information was allowed to be posted all these people were allowed to continuously call DCF and file reports that I was poisoning Reagans. Her doctors had NO concerns, her nurses had NO concerns, hospital social workers had NO concerns … after all a hospital social worker followed our family the entire 11 weeks Reagan was in the NICU where I sat by her side 15 hours a day every day. Yet a CPT, a child protection team by DCF was allowed to order very large volumes of tests on my daughter poking her and prodding her to see if she was in fact being poisoned.

EVERY single and I mean every single test came back clean.. When that was not enough because I have a past with Children services in California and Arizona that I have never hidden from and been very open about they decided to allege I was poisoning Reagan with iron because her iron level was 2 points higher then normal. They failed to mention to the courts that she had just had a infusion of albumin that is an iron binding product and raises blood iron serum levels.

My daughter was taken into custody and I have now not been allowed to see her for two weeks, no contact at all, it has been alleged to the judge that she was being poisoned even though her doctors are standing up for me saying that she should be home. No matter how much my state appointed attorney fights I have no chance at all because I have a past history. The state says they are going straight to terminate my parental rights and I will never see my daughter again because they are using my past without all facts against me.

And still Facebook is allowing this hate page to still do this! They keep the page up for 3 to 4 hours at a time and then it gets reported by hundred of people and the owners of the page remove the page for a few days and then come back to attack. Anyone who defends me then also gets CPS or DCF called on them alleging they belong to a cult on Facebook poisoning their children. Facebook tells me this is not bullying because I am not a teenager!

Just because I have a past does not mean my daughter was in harm if she was her doctors would have filed reports on me. Facebook is allowing people to use their site as a tool to hurt and destroy people and that is illegal.

I have taken this all to the FBI, and on 4-09-2013 met with Agent Everett out of the Jacksonville Florida Office:
FBI Jacksonville
6061 Gate Parkway
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Phone (904) 248-7000
Fax: (904) 248-7404

He was writing a report and giving it to the Agents who investigate and prosecute these criminal acts. He also advised a complaint be filed with and that was done on 4-9-2013 as well.

I went further and created a petition at to maybe make a difference in this so DCF cant just remove kids for life from your past or for hearsay from people who don’t even know you in an attempt to bring Reagan home.

State of Florida, Baker County Courts, DCF: Return Reagan Taylor to her parents where she belongs

I have been sent emails from the case worker from DCF that Reagan is having all the same issues in custody and pictures of her where she is scared afraid not happy and not safe. These animals on Facebook making malicious and false calls have harmed my baby and Facebook should be held accountable for allowing bullying in this magnitude or any magnitude for that matter.

I know you can’t help get my daughter back but maybe you can help hold Facebook accountable for what they allow people to do and the damage they allow people to cause to others, if I was not mentally stable and if I didnt have thousands of amazing people standing behind me this could very well have led to suicide.

Parental Responsibility

November 6, 2011 in Alaska, family rights, justice, parental rights, termination of parental rights, TPR, Visitation

Just exactly what rights and responsibilities do parents have to a child? We all know the laws concerning child support, child custody and visitation are unfair and unjust but still they persist.

Just today found on was an interesting question:

To Terminate Fathers Rights, Or Not Too?

A military man and his wife of 4-years took the ex-wife to court for the military man to claim his parental rights to the child, because he has been paying $491 a month in child support, but has never had the opportunity to see his child. He has two other children in the home and he is serving his country in Afghanistan. [Continue Reading]


Speak Out Against Injustice!

You would think an issue like this would be rare, but it happens all the time. Some cases are so egregious that it can make you crazy. For instance, I know of one man in his mid-30’s, he has 3 children by two different women. His first child was born to a wife of 10-years, he was ordered to pay over $700.00 a month in child support.

His two subsequent children were born of his relationship with his live-in girl-friend of several years. When they split the court ordered the father to pay $25 a month (for both children).

You simply can’t support 2 children on $25 a month, even if you assume both parents split the cost.

Instead, why don’t they use a regional formula, sort of like the ones they use to distribute welfare benefits and food stamps. The county office needs to figure out the average cost of caring for a child in their county and allocate half to each parent. Why should some children live very comfortably, when other children barely have food to eat?

There simply has to be a better way. A way that helps ensure the needs of the children are being met.

Please post your comments below and at the link above.

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Advance Battle Plan…

April 20, 2011 in California, Child Protective Services, CPS, DCFS, DHS, family court, parental rights, termination of parental rights

If you speak to anyone who has ever dealt with the Child Protective Services (CPS) engine, they will likely tell you they wish they had been informed of their rights prior to the initial contact.

Most parents don’t believe CPS is a problem agency, until they have been contacted and frankly, by then it is simply too late. You can’t expect to win a battle when you don’t know or understand the rules of how the game is played.

Just ask any chess player. You must know the role of each piece and how they move and attack. Each piece is different and they all have their strengths and weaknesses, which can been leveraged to your advantage or used against you.

Don Lyons is a parent, who has faced CPS and won his battle — learning a lot about how the system works along the way. His precious girls were placed into the foster care system, he was threatened with the loss of his parental rights and suffered a litany of dirty tricks, lies and scandalous behavior. To his credit, he fought the system, Pro se and won.

Pro se legal representation refers to the instance of a person representing himself or herself without a lawyer in a court proceeding, whether as a defendant or a plaintiff and whether the matter is civil or criminal. Pro se is a Latin phrase meaning “for oneself”.

He explains the rules as they apply here in California and in most states. He walks you through the legal process and provides critical details that you must know, if you plan to beat the ugly beast known as family court.

Bill Sullivan writes,

“In his book, “Warning: The Truth about Child Protective Services and The Staggering Impact on Society,” my friend Don Lyons, documents 5 different ways they can get paid.

Also Many Judges’ retirement is tied to the number of cases where DCFS is deemed to be benefactor for the children or they actually sit on boards for the operators of Foster homes.

Don’s first book, Warning: The Truth About Child Protective Services and The Staggering Impact on Society, has been widely read and has helped many parents successfully gain the return of their children from state custody.

His new book will be announced shortly, so be sure to check back for more information on his latest book.

Those who have lost their children will be interested in reading Don’s book, but those who really need this book are the parents whose children are still safe at home. So please, at this special low-low-price, order two and send a copy to a friend or family member.

Regularly Priced at $19.95 – Get it today for only $4.95! This special deal won’t last forever, so order your copy today. Click below to order.

Warning: The Truth About Child Protective Services
and The Staggering Impact on Society

Arizona Family Broken by CPS

April 28, 2010 in family court, parent-child relationship, parental rights, termination of parental rights

This young family was financially devistated due to court ordered services that were neither necessary or helpful. Once they lost their home, CPS moved in to remove their child a second time.

Hi, my family’s story is quite lengthy so I will try to summarize it briefly.

Arizona Family Broken by CPS

It all began on November 29, 2008, when my son was born and the hospital reported that we both tested positive for amphetamines (high levels). Of course, they did not test me until after I had already received painkillers, a labor induction IV (for about 24 hours), and then received an epidural. Then someone decided to drug test me around 8:00 p.m. or so that evening.

They tested my son the following morning sometime between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. I demanded a second test around 10 or 11:00 a.m., the same morning my son was tested. The second test was completely negative.

Infant Removed

CPS proceeded to place my son in foster care and for the next 9-months, my husband and I went through hell, and uprooted our entire lives to comply with the requirements of CPS. We even moved into the city from the rural little town we had been living for 2 years. (It was actually more like 10 years with a break for about 4 years, when we moved back to the town we grew up in.)

So, when this all started we had enough in our savings to put a nice down payment on property, which we were in the process of looking for.

When the CPS case was opened we focused all our attention on getting my son home and used our savings to make up for the income we had lost because of the court ordered meetings, classes, court hearings, and visits that my husband was required to attend.

Toddler Returns Home

11-months later, they finally returned our son to us. My husband was required to finish his classes, and then they would dismiss the case. However, since we had depleted our savings account, and my husband was a self-employed mechanic, between the economic decline and the fact that we had moved to the city, he had no stead work. We found ourselves struggling financially.

Our caseworker, who was one of the few “good ones” understood all of this and offered us financial assistance in paying our bills. The assistance did not come through until after we were evicted from our home, and found ourselves on the streets. A friend of ours offered to let us stay with her until we could find a place. We figured it would take a week or two.

Doing the Right Thing

So, we accepted and had only been there a few days when 4 people looking for our friends daughter broke into the house and trashed the place. There was a physical altercation between one of the males and my husband. Some how the baby and I were caught in the middle. No serious injuries were incurred, just some bumps and bruises, we were more scared than any thing.

We reported the incident to the police and left the house immediately. We left a message with our caseworker to call ASAP because there had been an incident; we wanted her to hear about from us, instead of someone else.

The caseworker returned our call on Monday or Tuesday. We explained what had happened and what we had done to remove ourselves from any danger. She told us it was okay, and that from what she could tell we had done all that we could do to prevent any further danger to the baby or ourselves.

About a week later, we moved into a new house that we had received housing assistance for, to pay the deposit and most of the first months rent. We only paid $80 toward the deposit and $222, toward the first months rent.

New Caseworker — Nightmare

The day after we moved in our caseworker came to the house, she informed us it was her last day and gave us the name of the new caseworker. She suggested we give him a call and introduce ourselves. She said he was a good person, “really down-to-earth” — and just be honest with him, and he would be understanding, when and if anything came up.

So, on Monday morning I called and introduced myself and made sure he had the new address and told him to come by anytime. We then set an appointment for the following Friday, for him to do a home visit.

On Thursday he shows up at my house with two police officers and says he is taking our baby because of the incident back in January. Then, at the team, decision-making meeting it was decided that we would participate in their in-home services program, and as soon as that was in place my son would be returned to us.

We were led to believe that it would be a matter of a week or two at the most. We were told there was no concern about our drug testing and that those were all clean. We even delayed starting visitation because he was supposed to be home in a few days. Another 2-weeks went by and our court hearing, to review the case, was a week away. We finally had an appointment with the in-home services worker and the caseworker. The day before our scheduled appointment, the caseworker requests a hair test — now.

We asked to speak with our attorneys first.

So, during our court hearing, we are faced with a compliance report that show dates, which we were required to test and didn’t, but we had papers from the testing facility showing we had tested. The court showed no test results for the last two and half months.

Nationwide Mother's Day Protest!

Erroneous Compliance Report

When our lawyers requested that our baby be returned to us, since there was no immediate danger requiring his removal, the judge brought up the compliance report, which had been submitted by CPS and since we did not see this until we were sitting in court, we had no time to gather the evidence to dispute it.

After waiting almost a week to get the approval for the hair test we finally called the caseworker who says we could have went up there anytime to have them done.

So, we went to have them done and were told that if they don’t get a request to do it when they pull our name up on the computer, then they can’t do it. So, finally, we get them done on the following Monday.

Until now including in court, they are saying that in the event the hair test shows a positive result they would want my husband to continue his classes and for me to do relapse prevention. However, now they have changed their tune. Now, when someone tests positive, the court is asking for 30-days of clean drops, from the day we took them. Even though all of our drops have been clean, the whole year and half we have been doing this and then we had a meeting for my husbands classes and now they are saying they want 30-days of him going to class consistently before they will give our son back.

Foster Care Leaves Child Emotionless

We have even had to go back to doing supervised visits and they have never found anything wrong with the way we take care of our child. He has formed a secure attachment with us and he has never done without anything. He has always had food, clothes, shelter, love, and anything else he needs.

He used to be so full of life and always happy and smiling and people we did not even know would comment about what a happy baby he was and how they had never seen a baby so happy.

Now, he is just emotionless, I mean he is happy if you are interacting with him but to watch him when he is not interacting with someone there is no life to him it is as if he does not feel he belongs to us or that we didn’t want him or something.

When we do have a good visit and its time for him to go he just gets this confused look on his face when he realizes he’s leaving and he looks at us like he’s wondering what he did and why we were sending him away again.

To make matters worse now there has been a few rumors pop up about adoption and that is not an option for us. The caseworker says that his goal is still reunification but he lies so much its unreal.

We will never give up fighting for our son. He took 14 years to have and even if they sever our parental rights, we will not stop fighting. We will never go away, but we do not want it to go that far. It would not be pretty for any one if it did. I now know why people flip out and start blasting people for no apparent reason. Because my husband and I both feel we are on the verge of losing it and losing my son would just about push us both over the edge.

Do we have any possible options to prevent losing him for good?

Cheryl J.

It’s Your Move!

February 8, 2010 in justice, parental rights, termination of parental rights

Almost nightly, news reports are replete with details regarding dead and injured children at the hands of their capturers, it doesn’t seem to matter which side of the fence you sit.

If the parents are poor, struggling in these harsh economic times, it’s more than likely the parents are ill educated and either doing or dealing drugs. Most get started because the rent still has to be paid and the kids still have to eat. The children have been exposed to drugs, harmful chemicals and dumb ass attacks from parents too stoned out of their minds to care.

Welfare workers do not want these children. Grandparents can call Child Protective Services ’til the cows come home. Those kids aren’t going anywhere, unless there is a catastrophe. If a child is not badly burned, disfigured or murdered — a case that makes the news, in many instances, those kids are going nowhere. It costs the state money to take on these cases.

It's Your Move!

State-financed child welfare departments choose instead to round up the children of parents who are on the upper rung of the lower class and creeping slowly into the middle class.

You see, if they can find (or in some cases, create) something to charge you with, state child welfare investigators will remove your children from your home (for their own well-being, of course) and thus begin the process, where you spend every dime you have, jumping through hoops, mandated by child protection workers.

There are a great many jobs dependent on our children. Every person in the courtroom, including the judge, owes their job to the children of accused (not convicted, just accused) parents. The judge, the bailiff, the court reporter, the caseworkers, counselors, foster parent, service workers, medical doctors, and the list goes on.

The old adage, "He who pays the piper, calls the tune," certainly applies here. The state pays for services (with a huge donation from the federal government) — most low to middle class parents can’t afford to hire an attorney, so they rely on the state to provide for their defense. These attorney’s work everyday with these same people. They eat lunch together, share funny e-mails, they might even go out after work together for cocktails. The only one left out of the loop is you and your son or daughter.

The only way I see to combat current trends in a meaningful way, is for the children who were wrongfully removed from loving, caring parents to sue the state for damages. Of course the last thing on an 18 year olds’ mind is a protracted court battle and attorney visits.

In most states, young adults have the right to bring suit for damages, against the perpetrators for injustices, which have occured to them, as juveniles — in many states for up to five years from the time the child has turned 18.

Have you, or do you know someone who was harmed by our family court system? We need to encourage these young people to seek out pro bono independent legal representation.

Young men and women have lost touch with their natural born parents. They have lost their right to inherit from their parents and their chance to know their own family history. In short, millions of children are being robbed of their family heritage — a God given right.

I am pleased to post your stories here as well. Please check out the posting guidelines.

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