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Sneaky, Underhanded Liars…

May 15, 2012 in CPS, Wisconsin

Christmas Eve of 2011 I turned my head for a few seconds while my children were in the bath, my child started shaking and then stopped breathing after I had picked him up. After nearly four months went by CPS had decided that I neglected my children and that I am abused. I am not, we are not abused.

March 26th 2012, I was called into the CPS office. I was told it was to do a follow up to close the case. Upon arriving my children were separated from me and I was told I had 2 choices: 1 go to jail, loose my children or 2 go with my children to a safe home.

I signed an infomal disposition agreement in order to keep my children who I could hear crying through the walls. I didn’t know what the agreement meant or said, and I didn’t recieve a copy of it until a week later when I stopped in and demanded it. After this I was told that I could continue my relationship with their father so long as I did not disclose the location of my children.

April 13th 2012, a friend offered to watch the kids so I could go see Brandon. At our home late that night three officers showed up. I was arrested without reason.

That morning the investigator of my childrens case and whom I was told ordered our arrests came into my cell and asked me to disclose the location of my children. I was told they only needed to enusre their safety. I asked if they planned to remove my children, if that was why I was taken to jail. I was assured they only needed to ensure the children were safe.

A few hours later a social worker came in and informed me that my children had been taken into the custody of the state of Wisconsin.

I have not seen, talked to, or heard from my children since. Many other things have happened since then. Do you have any resources that may be of help to us?


Thank you for your time,
Chrystal Day Mueller

CPS Violates Law – Attacks Family

January 14, 2010 in Oregon, parental rights, Wisconsin

I recieved the following e-mail early this morning (Thursday, January 14, 2010 5:34 AM) from a distraught father. What kind of cold heartless people can condone this type of behavior? So, this is the type of “protection” our tax dollar buys for our children.

They have now taken away my visitation rights. Why?

Because after my daughter reported that it hurt when someone exposed her private parts to examine her, and after my son said that his foster mother was spanking him because he cries when he goes to sleep — I video taped my sons bruising and sent it to CPS investigators with a request for an investigation.

My childrens attorney ad litem (lawyer), is a friend to my wife’s lawyer. She said in court that I am destroying my children’s lives. I can barely catch my breath from the tears.

I asked them for help. I was being beaten once a month, for the last year. All that has happened is my abuser’s two by four has been replaced by the courts and CPS.

Abused Father

Dear Abused,

I’m not sure what you mean by “my abuser’s two by four”. Can you clarify that statement?

CPS Violates Law - Attacks Family: Tips and Hints

You need to go public with your complaints against the conduct of the Department of Health and Human Services. I won’t kid you, it can turn into a full-time job all by itself, but if you don’t stand up and fight, who will.

It’s time to take control of the situation and tip the scales in your favor.

  • Contact your U.S. House Representative and request and investigation.
  • File a formal complaint with CPS. It must be done according to the laws in your state and on the proper forms. They must investigate if you request one properly. It won’t make you any friends but they will be forced to look into your allegations.
  • File a police report. Document – Document – Document
  • Enlist the help of friends and family members. Having a strong support system can provide peace of mind and presents a stronger front to the officers of the court and can help your case.
  • Surround yourself with smart, positive minded people. You don’t need negative energy dragging down your efforts. Negative energy will only depress you and make everything harder.
  • Don’t make rash decisions. Stay focused on your goal and don’t get distracted. This is not the time to be be vindictive. Keep the focus on your children and while it might be tempting to express what you’ve gone through, it’s not helpful.
  • Don’t tip your hand by making threats or being rude. Act and dress professional and respectful. You can spew later.
  • Keep a positive attitude. You must know in your own heart that your children will come home and behave as such.
  • Take care of yourself physically. Remember to eat right, take your vitamins, avoid drugs, drink water and get plenty of exercise. If you are physically fit your mind will be sharp. You’ll need your wits to win.

The goal in all this, is to make it more costly and painful for them to keep your children, than it is for them to simply give them back. Use your imagination. If you are in the right — FIGHT.


Sample Documents and Proceedures

WI: Out of Darkness

April 30, 2009 in child abuse, Wisconsin

Report Released on the Seclusion and Restraint of Wisconsin Children

Out of Darkness!

A press conference was held today (April 22, 2009) in the Wisconsin State Capitol. The press conference was convened by Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW), Wisconsin FACETS, and Wisconsin Family Ties (WFT), who released their brand new report entitled, Out of Darkness…Into the Light: New Approaches to Reducing the Use of Seclusion and Restraint with Wisconsin Children. Copies of the report, as well as an executive summary, are available in electronic format at

Out of Darkness…Into the Light exposes the tragedy of secluding and restraining Wisconsin children in schools and treatment settings throughout the state. It describes the ways in which Wisconsin children have been both emotionally and physically injured by such practices, including one child who died in restraints. It further describes actions taken by many other states to reduce the use of seclusion and restraint of children, and calls for legislative and administrative agency action to protect Wisconsin children from these dangerous practices.

At the press conference, Jeff Spitzer-Resnick, of DRW, stated that, "no child should have to be victimized by the inappropriate use of seclusion and restraint in our schools and treatment facilities." Hugh Davis, of WFT, went on to state that, "the time has come for the state legislature to take action to bring an end to this ongoing Wisconsin tragedy ensuring that these measures are limited to acute emergencies involving imminent threats to the safety of people, and only when other non-coercive measures are ineffective." Jan Serak, of Wisconsin FACETS, added, "people need to know that these stories are just the tip of the iceberg, and without a Wisconsin law regulating these techniques, promoting positive behavior supports, requiring staff training and informed parent consent, we are sure to hear more heart-wrenching stories."

Three parents of children who have been victimized by the inappropriate use of seclusion and restraint told their children’s stories at the press conference, all of whom are described in the report. Paula Buege relayed the story about her son, Donovan, who was secluded for an entire day at age 7. Jim Schingen told the story of his son, Justin, who had his elbow broken by a teacher who used a form of restraint he learned in the Marines. Finally, Hasmig Tempesta talked about her 3-year-old son, Zachary, who was restrained in a Rifton chair, which is designed for people with physical disabilities, not for behavioral control.

In addition, Rep. Sandy Pasch announced that she has a bill in the drafting stage which calls for reducing the use of seclusion and restraint in Wisconsin schools, making it safer when it is used, and which encourages the use of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) as a tool to prevent the use of seclusion and restraint in Wisconsin schools and teach appropriate behavior.

For more information contact:

Jeff Spitzer-Resnick

Hugh Davis


Jan Serak

WI: Death Investigation

November 10, 2006 in foster care, Wisconsin

Your assistance is requested in this Wisconsin wrongful death case.

I was contacted by Steve Wagner from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) in Los Angeles. CCHR is a non-profit organization established in 1969 by the Church of Scientology to investigate and expose psychiatric violations of human rights and crime and fraud in the field of mental health.

Foster Child’s Death

Steve saw my website and e-mailed me. He had earlier been contacted by Donna Pavlik of Minnesota, whose foster daughter, Angellika Arndt, died after being restrained by two employees at the behavioral treatment center where she was a day patient. Steve is seeking my help and the help of parents who have experienced similar heartbreaks in getting justice for Angellika’s family.

On May 25, 2006, 7-year-old Angellika lost consciousness after being restrained at the Rice Lake Counseling and Guidance Center, in Wisconsin. She died the next day in Minneapolis, where she was hospitalized. The medical examiner of Hennepin County (Minnesota) ruled her death a homicide (death caused by another person).

Angellika had been attending the Center five days a week for the previous month. She was placed in a “control hold” for one to two hours, in which she was held on her stomach on the floor, with one staff member gripping her ankles as another holding down her shoulders. She calmed down, was released and then passed out. The reason she was restrained? She was gargling milk.

Investigation Continues

I spoke with the Angela Holmstrom, the district attorney of Barron County, WI, who is handling the case. She assures me that the case is being thoroughly investigated and reviewed by her office, as well as the local police, Attorney General and Department of Justice. In May, Holmstrom’s office stated that it did not expect to decide before July 15 whether to press criminal charges against the two people who restrained her.

Here we are – three and a half months later – and still no decision on whether to file a criminal charge.

The two staff members who restrained Angellika were immediately placed on paid administrative leave.

The Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services conducted an investigation of the Rice Lake Center after Angellika’s death and issued its findings in mid-June 2006. The report cited numerous violations. The most alarming fact is that the clinic used physical restraint procedures on Angellika, despite the fact that her treatment plan contained no mention of the use of restraint as part of her treatment! The clinic failed to seek and obtain such approval. But they used it on her anyway, resulting in her death.

According to the District Attorney, the one thing stopping them from filing criminal charges against the Center and employees is that they don’t think they can prove that there was criminal intent (intention to kill the girl).

There is, however, the crime known as manslaughter. Manslaughter does not require the District Attorney to prove criminal intent.

There is only one similar case I know of where the caregiver was prosecuted: In February 2004, Indiana day care worker Courtenay Scott pleaded guilty in the death of 2-year-old Alexis Williams. Scott restrained Williams by putting her legs on top of girl when she would not lie down for a nap. Scott was sentenced to two years probation, including six months home detention.

What I am leading up to with all this information is a request for you to write a short letter to Barron County District Attorney Angela Holmstrom urging her to pursue charges of manslaughter against the Center and the two employees. You can return the letter to me and I will forward it to Ms. Holmstrom and will also send copies to the Attorney General and Department of Justice.

Please read over this post again to get a complete understanding of the factors and then to write the letter from your own viewpoint and experience in similar matters. If you need assistance with writing the letter, Steve or I will be happy to help you with it.

I think that together, we can help bring about justice.


Voice for Children

Please send Email to:
CCHR International

Please forward this alert to everyone on your list!

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