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Virginia Parent Seeks Advice!

October 19, 2010 in child abuse, Child Protective Services, false accusation, Virginia

Could any of you help me? I have a 16 year old in foster care. Up until 10 months ago I would have won an award for my parenting. My kids were well mannered and good and loving until my 16 year old got involved with a young girl. We were planning on moving and when it came to the fact he would be leaving his girlfriend he began to act out and long story short he allowed people to believe I created a bruise on his face (which I did not).

In jumps department of social services and my son was taken into the system. I was found not guilty of abuse and the charges against me were dismissed but they will not release my child. Are there any attorneys I can contact? Is there any parental support groups.

When ever I talk to social services they just treat me like a criminal they are rude and dismisive. We went to court and they had the story incorrect and when I went to point this out the judge siilenced me. This is so scary and I feel so powerless. Please help me.

Mary Lou,
Norfolk, VA

Teenage Rebellion

July 7, 2008 in CPS, False Allegations, Virginia

“If it could happen to us, it could happen to anyone,” says savvy Virginia Mom, after social service worker told her not to force her teenager to attend church.

Teenage Rebellion

Hi Annette,

My name is Stephanie. I am a member of the Budget Homemaking group. I was looking at the messages and saw you were the editor of kidjacked. I could not believe it!! This site was such a blessing to my husband and I recently.

I never in my life thought I would need it. My teen daughter has been in such rebellion the last 2 years. When we would not let her go somewhere one day she began to hit my husband who told her to sit on the porch she got very angry and accused my husband of pushing her off of our 3-step porch.

She called the police. We thought they would see it for what it was. The police pressed charges on my husband!! We were shocked. We spent over $2,000 on an attorney. He was found not guilty BUT then came social services. They told us we put her on restriction too much. They told us not to force her to go to church ect., ect.

I was soooo angry! I wrote our senator. Who in turn called the social services director in D.C and finally the case was closed. It was a nightmare.

We have 2 other children who are doing great. I have never felt such a lack of confidence in the justice system. Anyway, I know I have rambled, your website was a Godsend. It was the only website we found who knew good parents were targeted by social services. If it could happen to us it could happen to ANYONE. Thanks for your hard work! Please know it is helping many!

Stephanie Wiley,
New Kent County, VA

Loudoun CO Kidjacking

June 4, 2007 in parental rights, Virginia

My son was recently taken hostage by DFS from his school. He is ten years old and suffers from bipolar disorder and ADHD. He is currently doing well; he is stable on medication and being treated by a private psychiatrist and private therapist.

The Loudoun County Department of Family Services (Virginia) filed a petition to terminate my parental rights because last fall, in home services, provided by them through FAPT failed to work. The hearing was scheduled for Tuesday, May 22, 2007.

On the Friday afternoon prior, my son was taken by DFS from his special school (in Fairfax County), held hostage and traumatized for five days before being returned to me — on order of the court — without cause — only to insure my appearance at court!

Yet the case will call on and we are forced to have this held over our heads until a hearing on August 31, 2007.


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