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Another Shattered Family!

December 26, 2010 in Child Protective Services, DHS, Tennessee, Visitation

Hi, I’m not sure how much information I can give without getting myself in trouble or jeopardizing my case to get my son back but, I need some people to reach out and help me and give me advice so here it goes:

I have been a foster mom in the state of Tennessee for almost 2 years, I have helped many children and I am still in touch with the ones that were old enough to keep in touch with me. Most of them still call me momma, which warms my heart.

Well, one of my foster daughters (age 17) stole my vehicle to run away in (mind you there, is no information on the records they gave me about her run away charges) . She led the police on a 105 mph car chase, which ended with my vehicle being totaled, after she took out 75 foot of guardrail and a 2010 Sheriff’s car. Thank God, no one was hurt.

I filed a claim with the State of Tennessee, requesting payment for the damages, I did not even ask for the amount that it would take to replace the vehicle and pay for the guardrail. They denied my claim, stating I need to prove DHS negligent.

I have all of the proof I need to prove them negligent but, I haven’t been able to work on my appeal because they came and took my 2 foster sons on Friday, the 10th of December.

My daughter was in a car wreck, a school bus ran her off the road. We were in an ambulance, on our way to the hospital around 4:30 p.m. that afternoon. I got a call from my mother, who was caring for my son, while I was at the hospital, with my daughter. She told me I needed to get to her house immediately that CPS and a police officer were there about my son.

Thank God, my daughter was okay and we were leaving the hospital when she called. I talked to my mom several times while we were on our way to her house. We were told that if my husband came to my parent’s house he would be arrested (he is on the sex offender registry) and that he was not allowed around my son.

I got there and spoke with them; I told them that by law my husband is allowed to be around my son. The officer said well, “If he comes in here, I will arrest him.”

CPS didn’t take my son that night and I did sign a hand written safety plan stating that I would not let my son be around my husband unsupervised. We went to the local Sheriff’s office and one of their investigators said that was not grounds for removal from our home. She looked up the laws from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations stating that my husband could be around my son all day and night but could not sleep in the same house. (My husband filed a no lo contender plea in 1993 three years after the alleged crime)

We are in the process of having his name taken off the registry, since it was not suppose to be there in the first place.

Well, I called the CPS office and gave them the investigators name and number so that she could get the information regarding the law for herself. A CPS worker asked if my son, my husband and I could meet her at the DCS office to talk, I said sure. We went there and talked to her, she told me to make certain that when they were together that the visit was supervised.

We thought everything was fine and going great, when on December 16th, I got a call from the CPS worker asking if Aiden and I could come to the office the next day to sign a safety plan. My mom and daughter were invited to come along as well, if they wanted to.

I didn’t have a problem with this, since I had already signed a hand written safety plan.

When arrived there the next day, I discovered that I had been lied to! They did not want me to sign a Safety Plan — they took my son!!!!

I had done everything they asked me to do; we followed every law. I told them again, what I told them on the 10th of December, that I am willing do whatever it takes to keep my son at home (which is suppose to be their main goal). If necessary, I would divorce my husband whom I love with all my heart and I would make him leave the property. (We have a garage apartment where he sleeps at night.)

The Supervisor of CPS told me that my son was being taken because of my bad choice of my son’s father and my bad choice of marrying a sex offender, who does not have a record, other than that charge 20 years ago. 

We went to court. The judge said she knew my husband and that he was a good guy, but she lets DCS/CPS make these kinds of decisions. She supported their opinions.

I was unable to spend Christmas with my little boy. He did not get to wake up to Santa. This is tearing my family apart. I am allowed only one visit a week for 4-hours.

My mom is a licensed foster parent as well, so she has my son, but they still have to tear him off me, when it is time for me to leave. Not only have they taken me away from my son, they have taken my away from the support of my family.

I was told the only way to get my son back is to divorce my husband. Why should I have to do that? It is not against the law — but that is what I am doing after writing this letter. The divorce papers will be filed tomorrow. On what grounds I am not sure. I don’t know maybe the grounds will be the State of Tennessee is making me get a divorce, so my son can come home and I can have the rest of my family back together.

We go to court in a week and a half. If I am not granted my son back into my custody, things are going to get very bad in this county and in the State of Tennessee. You will be seeing this story on the news and in the paper, even on CNN. I will do what ever it takes to get my son home — he is my life.

Please if you know of anything or anyone that can help me, in this short amount of time, please let me know.

A.J. in Tennessee

My Child Lives in Fear!

July 24, 2009 in parental rights, Tennessee

My name is Ashley H. and I have a son named Gary. Gary lives with his mom (Miranda) and step-father Chad and brother Joey in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Gary and his brother Joey fight constantly and don’t get along to the point that Gary stays with his grandmother and Joey stays at home until Miranda gets off of work. They are constantly picking on each other and in a constant battle for acceptance.

I am writing to anyone who will listen and help Gary. Gary lives in fear of Chad and has been physically abused. Chad has left a 16 to 18 inch bruise on Gary’s buttocks in the shape of a belt. Miranda’s family begged me not to press charges and in return they would make sure Chad would never physically disciplines Gary ever again. I made a mistake and complied with their demands.

My Child Lives in Fear!

About 6-months ago, Chad spanked Gary again, Gary called me from his cell phone and I called the police and headed to their house. When I arrived there, Chad was there but Miranda had taken the boys to her grandmothers. The officer looked at the red mark on Gary’s leg and said it looked like a normal spanking mark. That broke the agreement between Miranda’s family and I. When Gary called me, Chad immediately took his cell phone and threw it down the steps — just for calling his dad!

Gary came the following weekend for his visit and was scared to go home! So instead of calling the police I called his mother and told her the situation and she did the one thing I thought she would never do and that was manipulate Gary to get him to come home. The phone was on speaker phone and Gary was crying and pleading with his mother and telling her he was scared to go home and then she did the unthinkable.

She said “Gary, I am going to tell you something and you better not repeat this, but you are the favorite in this house, don’t you see how Chad treats you and how he treats Joey?” Naturally Gary went home thinking he had beaten Joey and that he was the favorite child.

That is very disturbing to me because:

  • How can you favor one child over the other in a normal home?
  • How could you say that to a scared child just to get him home?

The police officer even told me that after the first time (meaning the big bruise) that he would never let the guy touch his kids again.

In Tennessee DCS meeting they saw nothing wrong with Chad’s behavior.

Chad has turned the breaker off in Gary’s room, for punishment and forced him to sit in the dark with no electricity!

The most recent incident was a month ago. Gary was told to go to bed and he went in his brothers room to ask a question and Chad grabbed Gary by the neck and drug him into his room. The next morning Gary told me his neck was sore and the pain stayed for several days.

Gary is an ADHD child, his mother keeps him drugged up all the time and he is in therapy. I was attending his therapy sessions just as his therapist suggested. The therapist thinks Gary’s biggest conflict is that Miranda and I do not get along and that is not my fault, she won’t let go of the past. Chad put a stop to me going to his therapy sessions saying, “not on my dime!” Miranda is not raising a child, she is raising a drug addict. They give him an upper in the morning and a downer in the afternoon and downer at night.

I put Gary into Mixed Martial Arts to learn discipline and self control because I have done extensive research into MMA and it has been found to be a terrific teaching tool. In many cases the medications have been discontinued after this kind of training!

I gave Gary a pen and piece of paper and told him to write down the truth about his home life. Here is his words exactly:


he kicks me

grabbed my head woke up neck hurting

throwing phone then lying

4 whipped me with a beltmade big bruise

Chad has a temper

I am scared when he does

Scared to talk back to my mom

(I asked him what he meant by that because I told him he wasn’t suppose to talk back to his mom and Gary said, “No, if I want to see you and mom won’t let me I am scared to say anything to her because I don’t know what Chad would do to me.”)

Chad leaves welts and bruises on me

The last time he whipped me I was scared to go home until they told me I was the favorite

Mad mom won’t let me see dad

When I was 3 he (Chad) threw me and almost hit my head on the bunk bed

Temper scares me because I don’t have a choice to stay there because of mom


That was the front page and now the back page:

I feel like my own mom doesn’t love me because I want them to work it out but she doesn’t want to she would rather go to jail.

(He was talking then about his mother and I having a civil relationship. Chad would never let that happen because he is too overbearing and jealous.)

The sad part is, they split up Christmas before last and she told me she was scared of Chad’s temper. The only reason she went back to him was because of their debt. She is an accountant for a Credit Union and would lose her job if they default on a loan or file for bankruptcy!

I have petitioned the court for joint custody and we go to court Monday, July 27th. I have worked with CASA, which is the local child advocate in our area and they have been wonderful. They did tell me “mental abuse” is almost never proven! I think there is enough physical abuse to warrant Chad never applying physical discipline with Gary again, even though CASA told me “mental abuse” is almost never proven I know it’s taking place.

I am going to send this to anyone who will listen and I am looking for any agency or child advocate that will help me. If you know about any agency local, state or federal that can help me please let me know who they are and/or pass this on to them!

I am sick of my child living in fear but I am trying to keep a cool calm head and get this resolved in the right way, so please help me if at all possible!


Gary has a dream —and that dream is to fulfill his dreams and show other people they can achieve their own dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something and overcome obstacles! That is Gary’s message and I am going to do anything to see his work and message and dream is fulfilled!

I am enclosing Gary’s original message!

Shirley’s Story

July 8, 2008 in domestic violence, False Allegations, investigation, parental rights, Tennessee

Rutherford County, Tennessee corrupt officials accused of withholding evidence, dereliction of duties, violating civil liberties…

On December 3, 2006, our world and our life ended as we knew it. My son was falsely charged with domestic assault by his 17-year-old stepdaughter, who he had raised since she was a year old. She told her mother, who had left more than four years previous, that he slapped her and pulled her hair. She was angry because he took her computer away for having posted self-porn on the internet. The mother, once a stripper, now a prostitute and convicted drug dealer on 6-months probation, saw an opportunity to get back the two children that she had voluntarily given up and walked away from.

She called the police and asked for her friend, a detective who is not very fond of our family, to get involved. Although this detective was not on duty, he came, took my son into custody, detained him there and proceeded to search his home without a warrant. In the "search," his laptop computer and several personal items were taken. The detective admitted that he did not have a warrant under oath in court.

Shirley's Story

Then several police officers and DCS came to my home, walking in without a warrant or legal documents of any kind, and said the children had to go with them. Although the front door was open, the storm door was closed, they did not knock…just barged in.

We were all in the kitchen when they arrived. My husband, on oxygen, was very ill and did not need the added stress. We were with the children every day of their lives and seeing the now terrified children was very difficult. He grieved for them every day until he died five-months later.

No Background Check

The police and the social worker took the children back to their mother and released them to her with no foster or other preventative plan put into place, let alone to verify that she was capable of caring for her children. The children barely knew her. She had little to no interface and would only bring them a cheap toy every once in awhile. Unfortunately, that was the extent of her parenting. My son was mother, and father to all three of the children, including hers.

We had never had any experience with anything like this before. I did not know that they were supposed to have emergency removal papers. I did not know that I did not have to let them go. They have been gone for over a year and a half. We have missed Christmas for 2-years and their birthdays. Our little girl is 7 and our little boy just turned 11-last month.

No Investigation

DCS was supposed to investigate this case, and send us the findings within 90-days. We called Friday, and they don’t even have a file on it. They don’t even know where the children are. We have just found out that the DCS worker that came and took them, no longer works there. Our custody lawyer filed our case in court. We were forced to put it on hold, pending the outcome of the abuse case. My son was told that if he went through with the custody case that they would throw him back in jail.

After he was charged with assault, the detective and 12 police officers in body armor came 3-days later, and charged him with rape of a child – 33 counts, and he was put on 1 million dollar bond. Then after they threw him in jail, they took the daughter the next day for a rape test, and she is still a virgin. Her hymen is intact, no rips, no tears, no notches. They asked her leading questions, and with coaching from her mother, she has told terrible lies. My son sat in jail for 1-½ months before he got a bond reduction hearing lowering the bond to $250,000. We were also put on a protective order that prevented us from contact within 1000 feet of them and no contact, not even supervised visits.

We were never advised by our counsel that any of the actions on the part of the DCS and the police was illegal, until we changed attorneys recently. And, although he said that the Judge was wrong, we’ve still been prevented from seeing them. They would not let us get a GAL for them, saying they would put my son back in jail. They will not let us see the police report; in fact, they are hiding it from us.

They are also withholding exculpatory evidence. They have changed judges 4-times, we’ve been to court 29-times, and they have changed the trial date, several times. It has been set again, for next month, in front of the worst judge in this county. They hid the laptop for 8-months, and finally came up with it, and now they won’t let us see it, even though 2-judges ruled that we can. This time the TBI is giving the computer expert the runaround. They have illegally taken and kept this computer for 1-½ years.

They dropped the case of domestic assault – expunged and nullified it, trying to get rid of the police report, after we went to court 5-times, demanding a hearing, and they never gave us one. This has never been done in the state of Tennessee, before. They dropped the order of protection, so that the daughter did not have to testify. When the mother took out the order of protection, under oath, she never mentioned rape. They made it all up so that she can keep the children.

Meanwhile, we are under unbearable stress. They are trying to railroad my son into prison. He has never been in any trouble. We want our children back, and we don’t even know if they are ok. They loved their grandpa; the children don’t even know he passed away. They really loved their daddy. And he loved them, and took better care of them than any man I have ever known. They were his life.

All of this because of a vindictive evil woman, a corrupted detective who everyone thinks is having an affair with her, and a teenage girl, who used to hate her mother, for being a prostitute, but now she is living with her. Not to mention the DCS worker, who didn’t care what level of trauma she put the children under by keeping them from their dad, and a corrupt judge who should have thrown this case out.

It is a waste of taxpayer’s money. This happened in Smyrna, Tennessee, and will be tried in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Rutherford County is well known for its corruption. DCS was supposed to notify us of their finding over a year ago. We haven’t heard a word. Everyone should be aware of what is going on in this country, by DCS workers, corrupt police, corrupt prosecuting attorneys and arrogant judges.

I have written to the governor, the states attorney, Jesse Jackson, the ACLU, our congressmen and senators, and everyone that I could think of. I told the whole story, and sent them all certified, and notarized. I have not heard a word.

If there is any way you can help me — maybe a website that I can post the letter from my attorney on, or anything at all to help, we would appreciate it.

Thank you and God bless,
Rutherford County, Tennessee

Update: The head judge of the county has, by court order, sent this case back to the 2nd judge, for trial. This judge is not nearly as bad as the head judge. The TBI have finally allowed our experts to examine the computer.

Abandonment Law Redefined

June 4, 2007 in Adoption, foster care, He Case, Tennessee

Tennessee House vote would change abandonment law as it pertains to foster care and adoption.

In Tennessee today, House legislators passed HB0351 with a 54-31 vote. The bill would specify that a parent whose attempts to visit or support a child are "prevented by the acts of others" would not be considered to have willfully abandoned the child. The Senate Judiciary Committee will wait until next year to take up the bill.

According to Rep. Brian Kelsey, a Republican from Germantown outside Memphis, the bill is unnecessary because the Supreme Court has already ruled on the case.

This bill could impact parents whose rights are being terminated due to the time constraints placed on parents.

In a sworn statement by James W. White, Executive Director of the Fiscal Review Committee the impact both fiscal and tangible could be significant.

The sworn statement attests that:

Summary of Bill:

Includes the provisions that a person who has attempted to support or visit a child but was prevented by the acts of others or circumstances beyond such person’s control is not considered to have willfully failed to support or visit as such pertains to the definition of child abandonment within instances of adoption and foster care. A person who files a petition in a court of competent jurisdiction to gain custody of such person’s child within a four month time period has demonstrated intent not to abandon such child. A parent who is appealing a termination of parental rights is authorized to continue such appeal after the one-year deadline.


  • Annually, there are 1,500 Termination of Parental Rights cases through the Department of Children’s Services. It is estimated that 10%, or 150, of these cases will be impacted by the provisions of the bill.
  • On average, the delay in the termination of parental rights will require an additional 120 days of state custody. For each additional day there will be an approximate increase of $100 in expenditures per child. Such will increase expenditures by $1,800,000 (150 cases X 120 days X $100 per day).
  • Of the $1,800,000, seven percent ($126,000) will be Title IV-E Federal funds; 45% ($810,000) will be through TennCare; and $864,000 in state funds.
  • Of the TennCare funds, $293,706 is state funds at a 36.26% match rate and $516,294 is federal funds at a 63.74% match rate.
  • The total increase in expenditures for additional days of children in custody is estimated at $1,157,706 in state funds and $642,294 in federal funds.
  • The Department of Children’s Services will need three additional case managers and one additional team leader which is estimated to increase expenditures by $221,500 which includes $177,500 for salary and benefits and $44,000 for communication, computer, travel and other expenses.
  • Of the $221,500, 7% ($15,505) will be Title IV-E Federal funds; 45% ($99,675) will be through TennCare; and $106,320 in state funds.
  • Of the TennCare funds, $36,142 is state funds at a 36.26% match rate and $63,533 is federal funds at a 63.74% match rate.
  • The total increase in expenditures for additional staff is estimated at $142,462 in state funds and $79,038 in federal funds.

Cotton Conspiracy

May 21, 2007 in China, foster care, He Case, Tennessee

For years now the He family has been splintered, forced to live a sort of half-life. Never really living, with one foot held in a suspended animation that couldn’t possibly be real. The other foot going through the motions of life, working, sleeping, eating in a sort of funk that never goes away.

Struggling to create a new identity in a strange land. Mr. and Mrs. He fought to regain the right — from the state of Tennessee, when they lost their child to a Christian couple who tried to take what didn’t belong to them.

Kidjacked has supported the efforts to reunited Anna Mae with her family and I do mean “her” family. This is the family she was meant to have, one that no one can ever take away from you, even if you never speak to your sister.

Today’s news just blew me away. Get this…

“It is exciting to learn China is gradually becoming Tennessee’s biggest buyer in cotton and related business.”

“In 2006, China bought more than $1.8 billion of Tennessee goods, making it the No. 3 customer between Canada and Mexico.”

An E-mail from the He’s brags:

To capitalize on the synergy, Gov. Bredesen announced Tennessee will open an economic development office in Beijing in his October visit as part of trade delegation to China. Since 2001, Chinese Embassy has been monitoring AMH custody case.

The day after the $500 million deal was signed by Chinese buyers in Tenn., Mr. and Mrs. He (Jack and Casey) sent an email of appreciation to The Chinese Embassy in Washington, expressing their best wishes for the success and cooperation between China and Tenn., a great state where justice prevails.

These statements indicate to me that there may have been some serious negotiating between the state of Tennessee and certain Chinese officials. Did the Chinese buy back a child? Did the state of Tennessee hold a child hostage for a deal to sell cotton, providing much needed job for the impoverished textile industry?

If it walks like a duck, smells like a duck, then the theory is – it’s a duck.

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