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Oregon DHS & Civil Rights

January 10, 2013 in California, corruption, DHS, Oklahoma, Oregon

Oregon Department of Human Services

Oregon Department of Human Services

I feel our civil rights have been violated by Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS), especially by the West 11th and Willamette Street Offices in Eugene, OR.

I’ve written the Governor, the Congressmen, County Officials for Lane County as well about this. DHS is making our lives hell and we’ve done nothing wrong. They are verbally assaulting us, yelling at us on the phone and in email and we’ve had enough. We are good, loving parents, and just want our kids back home where they belong. Three of our kids are special needs children, one being autistic spectrum disorder, level 50 of 60, and DHS especially Kasey Gaylon and Jordan Meyer are set on making themselves look like they are powerful and us looking like we are criminals.

I came into my fiance’s family in August of 2011. Welcomed with open arms and loving kids who adored me and my own two adult kids. Everything was going great, we decided to live together and combine two families in one. A fairy tale with hopes and aspirations.

Until that fateful day that the wicked witch of the Northwest, aka their 2nd cousin Sabrina Kinser, who calls herself their aunt started her psychophrenic rampage on our family. This woman by the way is an “escort” (prostitute), drug user, has had her own child stripped from her. You can Google her, or find her paid advertisements on She is now pregnant again and is trying to take our 13 year old daughter to turn her into a “mini her”, and has repeatedly asked us to adopt her from us. A little over a year ago in November, she asked for us to allow the kids to come to her house for Thanksgiving. Against our better judgment, but because of their mother who we wanted them to share the holiday with her family and get closer together, we allowed them to go spend the night with their mom’s side of the family.

Thanksgiving Holiday

BAD MISTAKE letting the kids go see their other side of the family for the Thanksgiving holiday. The “escort” went psychotic on the kids and her own family. Threw everyone out of the house, threatened to physically beat our kids and her family members, locked our 13 year old daughter in a room, told her to lie to police about things, basically kidnapped the kids. We demanded she return them home, she refused. She threatened to come kill us in our own home. We called the Lane County Sheriff’s office who would NOT assist. DHS allowed our children to stay in the home with her until they were placed with my fiance’s mother temporarily. Her own family was ringing our phone off the hook, telling us all about the rampage.

This family member wants our 13 year old daughter to start selling herself for money, telling her it’s okay, that she will make a lot of money and wouldn’t have to worry about her parents supporting her anymore. Shortly after the thanksgiving incident she had our 13 year old daughter show up at our 22 year old daughter’s home in high stripper heels, a mini skirt that barely covered, and a tube top in the middle of winter. We do NOT allow this as parents. But DHS feels it’s okay for our daughter to dress how she wants, that it’s an expression of adulthood. I’m sorry but she’s too young. That’s why we had to put her in Willamette Leadership Academy, due to grades, drug use, and peer problems in school. We made the right choices as parents, but DHS seems to disagree with us.

Not My Children: A True Story of CPS and Government Funded Kidnappers

The next morning after no sleep, we were awoken to four Lane County Sheriffs banging on our door and one case worker, Jordan Meyer . Jordan Meyer without a signed HIPAA form, accused me of things that I never did in front of my fiance. They did a search of our home without a warrant or permission by either of us, treated us like criminals and then informed us of our rights.

Charged with Molestation!

My ex-husband was arrested in Las Vegas NV and is currently serving time in Lovelock Correctional Facility in Lovelock, NV for child molestation etc. I had went to court in California at the time and gave my parents legal guardianship of my then 9 and 10 year old kids to get them away from the man, over 12 years ago! Jordan Meyer told my fiance’ without my consent or accurate information that I was the child molester, that I was a danger to kids, and that he should remove me from our home immediately.

I was a victim of my ex and so was my kids. He had tried to kill us and molested my kids from ages 1 and 2 to 9 and 10, molested his other daughter who was mentally disabled, and 8 other kids.

Why would a DHS official…

  1. Assume that without proper information.
  2. Disclose information without proper Privacy Act permissions.
  3. Threaten me and tell me to shut up when I was trying to explain that he was mistaken, even told him to look up NDOC Inmate # 1007007 to verify. He wouldn’t even allow me to get my laptop to prove it. Had an officer push me back down by my shoulders onto the couch and threatened arrest. I have spina bifoda occulta with fibromyalgia and beginning stages of arthritis from my disability. I may not look disabled but I am.

I tried telling them they were mistaken that we had called against the ex family member. They wouldn’t listen. They told us our kids weren’t coming home and that we had to be to court first thing Monday morning.

They sent the kids to my fiance’s mother’s house (I’ll get to that later about her- another horror story), and told us we could not contact or see our kids. What the hell? We were good, loving parents who kept the house clean and them well cleaned and fed and loved.

We went to court on that fateful Monday, and I was informed that my son and myself had to leave our own home, because DHS didn’t believe the CA court system that my ex was the criminal not me. I didn’t get to spend Christmas with my new family and was banned from my own home for no reason.

Allegations Founded!

Finally on January 30, 2012 right before court, they dismissed the case and I was allowed to return home to my loving fiance’ and four loving soon to be step kids. We were told by DHS they had made a mistake in regards to me, and that we had a good loving home. DHS kept their allegations FOUNDED even though the courts did not agree, and used it to open another case against us later. We were like YES its finally over. NOPE WRONG!

In May of 2012, my future mother in law coerced our 13 year old to report to DHS because she was upset that we had taken her iPod and Internet rights due to grades and bad choices she was making in her life.

West 11th DHS called us at home and informed us that they had our 13 year old and was NOT returning her home. All over a iPod and INTERNET?! For no reason they removed me from my own home again. I did nothing wrong!

My fiance’s mother had become a problem every since she moved in. She was talking to Sabrina Kinser behind our backs and making secret plans to take Jessica back to Oklahoma, and leave the boys here. We found out after the fact about all this from the other side of the family. We had exiled Sabrina from the family back in November.

We found out my fiance’s mother was behind what Jessica had told DHS, along with the cousin who had started all this turmoil in our lives. At the time, we did not know this and had asked his if things got bad with DHS, would she assume legal guardianship over the kids until this was settled. She said no, she would take Jessica and only Jessica, and let DHS take all the boys.

She was planning on kidnapping our 13 year old and going back to Oklahoma without our knowledge. When she decided to “throw our boys under the bus” but not our daughter, we told her she needed to find another place to live.

We had went to the Function for Junction that day with the boys, since our daughter was still not returned home, two days before our next court hearing, but she had wanted to stay home. We came home to a dark empty house and her gone. She went back to Oklahoma, sold her grand-kids out and abandoned them in a time of need. We had found a suitcase left behind in haste with our daughter’s clothes packed up in it but not the boys.

HIPAA Privacy Act Law

Against HIPAA Privacy Act Law, DHS worker Kasey Gaylon is allowing our kids to have contact with the escort cousin and the grandma. We never signed any paperwork allowing such contact. This cousin of the children has been seen screaming extreme vulgarities to the 5 and 4 year old and stalking our house every day all day until we were forced to move where she couldn’t hopefully find us. They are both very inappropriate people for our children to communicate with, but against our complaints, as well as the CRB, Kasey continues allowing it.

Later, In August, DHS and Lane County Sheriff showed up at our house again, arrested my fiance’ and took our 3 boys. I can’t talk about all this because it’s an on going case, but they had no reason to take the boys from their home or arrest my fiance. He is now facing criminal charges because of guess who…Jordan Meyer and District Attorney Barbara Stoll.

I was rudely talked to by Jordan, harassed by him and rudely talked to by Lane County Sheriff officers, and forced to leave my own property yet again or face being arrested also. When Jordan Meyer insisted my fiance’ to be arrested they cuffed him in front of the kids, 2 being special needs children, dragged him to the cruiser and threw him into the car.

Fighting CPS Guilty Until Proven Innocent of Child Protective Services’ Charges

In the police report, it states that they were not going to take the boys and were not going to arrest my fiance but Jordan Meyer insisted on it. My daughter, her fiance’ and two other adult members showed up and asked to keep the boys, they were refused. When he was transported to the Lane County Jail, he requested something to keep him warm, they had put him into the “fishtank” and refused to give him his seizure medication which he needed, had slammed him up against a wall, yelled at him, and told him he was a (sorry to say) piece of shit who deserved nothing.

My fiance’ stated the back of his head bounced off the cement wall. He was then thrown back into the holding tank and was given a 24 hour old sandwich to eat after 12 hours. Was told to choke on it and die because he deserved to. Is this how law enforcement is supposed to act? My fiance’ had a seizure in the holding cell and no one medically assisted him, even yelled at me on the phone when I called to tell them he needed to take Keppra 4 times a day for epilepsy. He also has a heart condition because of the seizures.

Threatened with Arrest!

Officer Gill was one of the responding officers at our house and threatened to arrest me if I didn’t leave my property immediately. He even followed my daughter to my mom’s house to make sure I was home at her house. Is this normal of the law enforcement officials? They stated our boys, who are 4 and 5 were filthy dirty and starving. This is incorrect. They had been bathed the night before and had eaten a big dinner. They did not get breakfast yet, because of them getting out of the house, which by the way was up on stilts in Marcola. The cousin who caused all this drama has been heard bragging by local Marcolians for having gotten my fiance’ arrested and that she took the boys out of their bedroom window , and that we can never prove it.

When we tell the DHS that, they call us liars and that we are delusional, making things up. There was no possible way 2 small children could have opened that heavy window on their own all the way to the top beyond their reach.

The officers waited almost 2 hours before they even went to the door, which my fiance’ did answer, thinking the boys were still in their bedroom. They yelled at him, called him a piece of shit father, etc. I had called my fiance’ every half hour from my mom’s on the home phone the night before and he had checked on the boys up until 3:00 am. I was on the phone with him when he had checked on the boys, by listening to see if they were awake yet at 7:30 and 8:30 am.

He assumed they were still asleep, but didn’t want to open the door and wake them up. Deputy Gill had stated our 5 year old autistic son had stated his genitals hurt and he had changed his diaper (which he is in diapers due to tethered cord), but instead he had forced our 12 yr old son to change his brother. He also stated wording that is not in our 5 year old’s speech usage. Our son barely speaks and mainly uses sign language as a form of communication.

Foster Care

We had went to the Serbu Juvenile Courthouse, which at the time sided with DHS and stated the kids were to be placed into foster care. Where they are currently, since May and August of last year. We were unfairly given a fact finding hearing by Judge Henry. Any and all witnesses for us were sent away, per DHS, because they were going to release the children back home and close the case, but when they sent away our witnesses, they changed their mind quickly and ruled against us, but allowed their witnesses to testify.

Even allowed my fiance’s mother to call in after we had removed her from our home prior to all this, and DHS did not notify any parties in the case that she was calling or on the phone until the last second. It was not even entered into discovery for fact finding.

Since then, everything was going fine with visits at the DHS office on 18th and Willamette. DHS worker Kasey Gaylon was moving the visits to OCP on 11th and Pearl. She had even stated if we moved to a bigger visitation room that she would consider allowing me to see the kids who I have not seen since May.

Boy did she lie! She so far has threatened us, threatened to take visitation away from my fiance’ if he served our son for a court case in regards to all this, she forced our 12 year old to leave the court house saying she wouldn’t allow him to testify, she refused them visitation with me, double dosed them on vaccinations, won’t allow our autistic son to have the surgery he needs for a tethered cord, which keeps him from feeling his bowel movements, yelled at my fiance’ both on the phone and in emails, has told me I have to move my car to the back of the building (which sorry I’m not going to do). I don’t have to move my car, it’s a parking lot and I have a handicap placard.

Isn’t that discrimination? A violation of my rights? She stated that it’s not good for the kids to see me and makes the foster parents uneasy. WRONG. The kids make hand hearts, wave to me, blow me kisses and smile when they see me. DHS admitted they were wrong about me by supervisor Nicole Sims, what the hell is their problem?

We even have a signed agreement by DHS stating they would not ever bring up my California history, or use it against me ever again, yet Kasey Gaylon violated that agreement, so did Trina who was our previous worker. Trina was corrected by Nicole Sims in a meeting about not using that against me. Still to this day they are. The signed agreement also stated that any workers are to verify with us any reports prior to opening a case, and not allow contact with the other family, which includes the cousin.

They have violated this as well, telling us that the agreement is now null and void per Kasey. DHS also in that agreement agreed to work with me as a member of this family, and to date, has not done so. I get glared at by Kasey, she talks down to my fiance’ about me, and does not allow the kids to mention me. She has exiled me from the children’s lives. Mr. Singh , one of your DHS workers, had come to our home before all this started in May, and closed the previous case against us from November, stating our home was safe and we were good parents.

Kids Playing at Childrens Playground Ship

Kids Playing at Childrens Playground

DHS worker Kasey Gaylon has stated she wants to work on reunification with the family, we have done everything that she has requested. We had to force her to give the referrals to go to CAFA, she only gives my fiance’ one hour a week, for four kids, we drive an hour to the visit and an hour back, but she has made no efforts for reunification. No updated case plans, no meetings with us BOTH to make sure the kids have a good home where we live, etc. Normal protocol is to have the kids home usually within 6 months if not less.

Inappropriate Behavior!

Our 13 year old has been out of the home since May. The CRB (Citizen’s Review Board), has told DHS Worker Kasey Gaylon that they want her to basically get off her ass and start working on reunification. Since in foster care our 13 year old daughter shoplifted from Valley River Center, something she has never done before, subsequently getting her banned from the mall, Kasey had placed her in a home with 8 other foster kids, with a family who was only doing it for the money, per them.

She allowed our 13 year old daughter to engage in inappropriate relationships with both boys and girls, which we were not allowing her to date yet, because we felt she was too young still and was still making wrong choices in her life. Kasey Gaylon also allowed the foster parents to let our daughter stay out all hours of the night and dress in clothes we did not approve of, like jeans with a hole in the crotch, low cut tank tops, etc.

She also allowed the foster parents to let our 13 year old pour bleach on her head and ruin her hair. She refused to listen to us about the children’s Dr, who we had recently switched, and gave our children shots that they had just received, causing our two younger children to become sick from the vaccinations. She refused to give our 12 year old severe ADHD son the medication he needed in order to function in school and to get along with his peers. It took calling his psychiatrist and having him call her and demand it.

She is still allowing contact with the paternal grandmother and the maternal cousin, both are bad news. Since then, Kasey has moved our 13 year old to a home with a 16 year old boy who our daughter states likes her in that way. Kasey denies this at the CRB, and stated that there was nothing she could do, it was the biological son of the foster parents. At the CRB she stated our daughter was doing well in school, but was corrected by OCP stating this was false information, that in fact our daughter’s grades were poor. She has moved our two younger special needs children three times since August.

Our last visit, DHS worker Kasey Gaylon was at OCP. She had their visitation monitored and watched my fiance like a hawk, forcing the OCP lady to sit in the room with him and the kids which made it very awkward, she was within inches of him when he took our autistic son to the bathroom or when our 4 year old wanted a book.

She (visitation supervisor ordered by Kasey Gaylon) refused to allow him to walk the boys (who are special needs btw) to the foster parent’s car to put them in car seats, and yelled at our 12 year old and my fiance’ while I was watching in the car for him to LEAVE NOW and told our 12 year old he couldn’t hug his mom or say bye to me he had to get inside NOW.

They even refused to let the children see their family dog who comes with us to the visits. Force me to sit in a cold car, not allowed to go inside and use the facilities, and glare at me when they come out of the visit to place our kids into the foster parents cars. Kasey was retaliating against my fiance because she did not want him to serve our 12 yr old, but per our legal counsel, was ordered to allow it. Previous to moving to OCP for visitation, my fiance’ was allowed with the visitation supervisor, to escort the boys out to the cars and load them into their car seats.

DHS worker Kasey Gaylon was confronted by the kids’ mom about her license which DHS was supposed to be working on getting for her. DHS worker Kasey Gaylon then yelled at her and questioned their mom as to why she was in our car talking to me. Um let’s see…We are FRIENDS, We are their parents, WE work together as a team on the parenting, and it was 29 degrees outside? I was being nice giving her a warm place to sit, allowing her to smoke, and was going to give her a ride to where she needed to go after my fiance was done with his visit.

DHS Controls Families!

Oregon DHS needs to stop trying to control families and work on their policies. They are terrible. Quit accusing people of things that they didn’t do. Especially in regards to myself and my fiance’. Kids belong home with their parents, especially when the parents are loving, caring, don’t hit them, etc. I could understand it if it was a drug home, but we are good Christian people who DHS has a bulls-eye on both our backs. Enough is enough. We want our kids home and we want them home now. We were cleared by DHS official Mr. Singh in 2012 by him stating our home was safe, we were good parents and he closed the previous case.

Children Playing

Children Playing

Now we are still fighting to get our kids back home where they belong. I seriously think something needs to be done about the DHS system especially Jordan Meyer and Kasey Gaylon. We have filed grievances against them both to no avail and also against Kelly Burns who was caught in a lie on a recording device accidentally. Our civil rights are being violated, I’m being discriminated because of being told I cannot park in a handicap spot up front of the building, when I have a legal handicap placard, and my fiance’ is being treated like a criminal and bad father. He’s not. I’m being accused of domestic violence against the kids, which never happened, DHS supposedly founded it, and they are treating me like a leper when I’ve done nothing wrong.

Kasey is going on the basis of a phone call made by my fiance’s mother, who was attempting to get me out of our home, so she could continue to live there. There was no police report filed, the boys were asleep in their room, and she is the one who brought our 13 year old daughter out of her room, into a verbal argument, which we both calmly asked Jessica to go back to her room, because we did not want her to have to be subjected to us talking about my fiance’s mother and her lack of responsibility and we were discussing visitations with the kids mom. My fiance’s mom was interjecting in the conversation, yelling at my fiance’ and then called the police.

His mother has a history of making bad choices in her life, by allowing her then 12 year old daughter to attempt sexually touching our then 5 year old daughter several years ago, and defended her 12 year old daughter by stating the 5 year old (Jessica) wanted it. Also against our wishes she has allowed them to talk to their cousin in our home behind our backs, feeding her information about what was going on in our home, after we removed her from our home, due to her lack of grand parenting skills.

We had also exiled the cousin from our home previously due to being inappropriate and discussing her “customers” with our then 12 year old. The cousin was removed from our home that day, with us in shock over her comments and told to never contact our family again or come on our property. The only contact the children are to have is with their mother, no other family members on her side of the family or my fiance’s mother is to have contact with the children because of their history. Why is Kasey still allowing them to talk to them?

We would like the in-home service plan drawn up that Kasey Gaylon has been promising, and for it to include the children coming home, for them and us to continue counseling like we did before. If she wants Maplestar or Options to come out, we do not have a problem with that, we have already completed her Options and Maplestar programs and home visits with positive results. We are also attending CAFA and are looking into counseling services etc out here in Sweet Home, which is where we reside. Court had ordered parenting classes and anger management, which we are taking together, a psych eval, and to maintain a safe home. We have done that.

Court Ordered Counseling

Now Kasey, with it not being court ordered is demanding that my fiance take counseling, per his psych evaluation, which has not even been read to him yet, due to weather conditions and rescheduling by Kasey. It was not court ordered why is she demanding it? Only to delay the children coming home longer. Kasey was placed onto this case after we had requested Trina removed from it, due to the personality issues she had and the way she was treating our daughter. We do not have a problem with them coming out once a month to do their in home visits, etc. Never had a problem with it before. We have made all efforts to do so, but Kasey chooses to ignore them. Previously to all this, we had the children in counseling at OCP, weekly visits with mentors, and family counseling with my fiance and I there. Again counselors supported us as good parents.

She does not allow us to discuss our home, the kids’ rooms, their animals, nothing. Only demands that we give her the clothes etc that they request. At Christmas time ordered us to only give our kids one gift each, and that it had to be under $50.00, refused to allow me to give the kids a gift, and refused visitation to me as well. This is ongoing with her. Her answer is I don’t want to talk about it or her.

She has deemed me unsafe in her personal opinion to be around the kids, but in a service plan it states per DHS discretion, and again in one prior it stated that I was not to be exiled from this. I’ve done nothing to the kids or to the family to warrant a founded allegation against me for domestic violence. She has one founded against me with all 4 kids. Based on hear say from my fiance’s mother. Like I said prior, I’ve been in domestic violence/anger management classes and parenting classes with my fiance’. Her evidence is still non-existent, and the courts did not agree with the founded allegation, but it is still founded.

Usually by now, parents have more than 1 day 1 hr visits, the worker is usually by now working on reunification with the family, has a In Home Service Plan drawn up , which she has told us she refuses to do, and the kids are working on coming home, but she doesn’t foresee that in the near future. If we have been doing everything the courts have ordered why not? please tell me why this is not being done by Kasey Gaylon? If her harassment and treating us like children, alienating me from the visits, etc continues, we would like to request another worker. One that has not thrown herself into the case and made it personal like she has.

My fiance’ has told her numerous times, I am part of this family, DHS has acknowledged that they are to work with me as well, and this has been ignored. “I’m not party to the case” is what we are told. I’ve been in this family almost 2 years, the children think of me as their step mom and I will continue to be part of their lives as a loving mother figure. Their biological mother agrees as well.

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Child Wanders Off

May 23, 2010 in foster care, grandparents rights, Oregon

I am in dire need of information that concerns my grandbaby Ambrosia (age 2 1/2) and daughter Natasha (age 20). I am located here in Oregon and have not been able to find resources thus far that concerns our situation. 

Child Wanders Off

Approximately, on March 1, 2010 the baby got out the house while my daughter was at her boyfriend house (around 5:30 pm). The roommate was watching her, and thought that Ambrosia was with my daughter. Ambrosia was found by a lady, who took baby to a market and then called the police. 

Allen, (my daughters boyfriend) first discovered the baby missing and went looking for her, not to long afterwards both Allen and my daughter Natasha called the police. The police told Natasha that the baby was at the station. When Natasha arrived, they handcuffed her and threw her in jail. The bail was set at $150.00. The court, police station, and DHS have not attempted to contact any family, before putting the baby in foster care. The court left it up to the DA and Natasha’s DHS worker to decide what to do. 

It took a week before they set up a safety plan, which included monitoring Natasha; a neighbor was to monitor her and in the meantime, no one was allowed in Natasha’s house including me. The Baby was finally home with her mother. 

About a week passed and the worker called and requested that I stay with Natasha while the worker went on vacation otherwise they would take baby. I let the worker know that I want the baby opposed to putting her in foster care. I live about a 2 1/2 hour drive (no vehicle) from my daughter and have limited income. 

The worker then decided that I could go in the house but Allen could not. While there, Sky the neighbor who is on the safety plan would continually call the worker. She moved out of town that weekend (a Sunday). I mentioned to the worker the previous Tuesday that Sky was moving. The worker was to return the next Tuesday and that is when I went home. 

The next day they took baby away because they said the safety plan was no longer valid because Sky had moved. Two weeks later a court hearing was held, the worker stated that she did not know that Sky was moving until the day before she moved — she knew a week ahead of time. 

The next week DHS decided that Natasha would have a new worker and scheduled a meeting with all involved. The old worker canceled the meeting and another week went by. Finally, a new worker and still no valid safety plan. The new workers name is Gail Carr, (541) 726-6644 ext. #2250. Gail then went on a two-week vacation and the baby is still in foster care. 

I have left messages for Gail stating that I want the baby. Natasha is still finishing high school (she has dyslexia and has a hard time reading) and is on assistance. The state gave her money this month even though baby was not there. Now they are saying that she will have to pay child support. 

The new worker has requested that Natasha move to a place that has on-site management before the baby has a chance of being returned (now they are saying that she needs to move to a sort of halfway house that will only let her stay for a short while). We had court on Tuesday, the court appointed lawyer for the juvenile case (Natasha’s lawyer) contacted her other lawyer and convinced him to postpone court for the criminal charges (so that is not until the first week of July now, he is new to the area). 

Juvenile court for the baby was held last Tuesday. Her lawyer wanted her to plead guilty of four different charges including criminal charges (there really are none, Natasha has no criminal or drug/alcohol history). My daughter is 20 years old and was really devastated by the whole thing. 

DHS kept telling her that she would get the baby back sooner if she pleads guilty. A new form was made up that removed all of the other charges, except for the child neglect charge, as well as stating that she gave up all rights to further hearings. 

By the time we made it back into the court room the judge was not in a good disposition. Natasha did end up pleading not guilty. Natasha’s lawyer was not happy and tried to postpone court but the judge proceeded. The judge put the baby into foster care. All the while DHS has known that I wanted baby until this is straightened out for Natasha. 

Never has there been any contact on DHS’s part nor have they asked for my address and phone number, until last week, when I gave it to them. Most of the time they pretend that I am not there until April 27, at court when I went in with Natasha and her lawyer. 

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that her lawyer is good friends with DHS and talks about her case; they have had private meetings as well with Natasha there. Her court appointed lawyer wanted her to plead guilty with not only neglect on the charges but also four other charges including criminal. 

Please, if you have any input or resources it would be well appreciated. 

Thank you for taking the time to hear our sad story. 

Mary Cheshier

Infant Stolen from Hospital

May 22, 2010 in Kidjacked, Oregon, parent-child relationship, parental rights

I gave birth to my son on April 4, 2010. On April 5 2010, child protective service workers came to my hospital room and took my newborn son into custody.

Let my baby go!

I received the petition on April 6, 2010 and the basis for taking my child from me, was my bi-polar disorder and a no-contact order between me and my fathers child, which shouldn’t have been in place to begin with.

I am in Coos Bay/North Bend, OR. My first court date was on April 7, the next was held on April 19. I have one coming up on July 1, and they are already planning on adopting out my son. There was no abuse or neglect allegation and so far, I am only allowed to have one visit a week.

At my last visit, my son had a dirty diaper before he was even brought in to see me. My son is a little over a month old and I need to be able to get to know my baby. I am perfectly capable of taking care of my son and I need help.

I want my son back so he knows that I love him. Can anyone help me?

Rebecca H.
(541) 217-5419

CPS Violates Law – Attacks Family

January 14, 2010 in Oregon, parental rights, Wisconsin

I recieved the following e-mail early this morning (Thursday, January 14, 2010 5:34 AM) from a distraught father. What kind of cold heartless people can condone this type of behavior? So, this is the type of “protection” our tax dollar buys for our children.

They have now taken away my visitation rights. Why?

Because after my daughter reported that it hurt when someone exposed her private parts to examine her, and after my son said that his foster mother was spanking him because he cries when he goes to sleep — I video taped my sons bruising and sent it to CPS investigators with a request for an investigation.

My childrens attorney ad litem (lawyer), is a friend to my wife’s lawyer. She said in court that I am destroying my children’s lives. I can barely catch my breath from the tears.

I asked them for help. I was being beaten once a month, for the last year. All that has happened is my abuser’s two by four has been replaced by the courts and CPS.

Abused Father

Dear Abused,

I’m not sure what you mean by “my abuser’s two by four”. Can you clarify that statement?

CPS Violates Law - Attacks Family: Tips and Hints

You need to go public with your complaints against the conduct of the Department of Health and Human Services. I won’t kid you, it can turn into a full-time job all by itself, but if you don’t stand up and fight, who will.

It’s time to take control of the situation and tip the scales in your favor.

  • Contact your U.S. House Representative and request and investigation.
  • File a formal complaint with CPS. It must be done according to the laws in your state and on the proper forms. They must investigate if you request one properly. It won’t make you any friends but they will be forced to look into your allegations.
  • File a police report. Document – Document – Document
  • Enlist the help of friends and family members. Having a strong support system can provide peace of mind and presents a stronger front to the officers of the court and can help your case.
  • Surround yourself with smart, positive minded people. You don’t need negative energy dragging down your efforts. Negative energy will only depress you and make everything harder.
  • Don’t make rash decisions. Stay focused on your goal and don’t get distracted. This is not the time to be be vindictive. Keep the focus on your children and while it might be tempting to express what you’ve gone through, it’s not helpful.
  • Don’t tip your hand by making threats or being rude. Act and dress professional and respectful. You can spew later.
  • Keep a positive attitude. You must know in your own heart that your children will come home and behave as such.
  • Take care of yourself physically. Remember to eat right, take your vitamins, avoid drugs, drink water and get plenty of exercise. If you are physically fit your mind will be sharp. You’ll need your wits to win.

The goal in all this, is to make it more costly and painful for them to keep your children, than it is for them to simply give them back. Use your imagination. If you are in the right — FIGHT.


Sample Documents and Proceedures

Order: Sui Juris

April 12, 2007 in foster care, Oregon

Will and Pamela Gaston are well respected for the work they have done over the years in the fight for parental rights. Sadly, Pamela past away several years ago, leaving Wilbur (better known as brother Will) to fight the battle alone.

Recently, it was discovered that their website "A Voice for Children," is MIA and all efforts to contact Will have been unresponsive. I have sent off a letter to Will requesting more information about ordering his book and inquiring about his downed website. I’ll let you know when I hear back from him.

A gentleman in Colorado who had ordered their insightful book, "Sui Juris – The Truth in the Record," contacted me because he had not received the book he ordered, to see if I had any information on how to contact Will.

I was informed on Saturday, April 7th, 2007 that the book had finally arrived as ordered (on March 5th to his PO Box). Will has still not responded to e-mails and all phone numbers I have located online are still not working.

Anyone interested in ordering the book "Sui Juris – The Truth in the Record," can do so by following the instructions below. Book orders are still being filled. Though the order form requests you allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, please allow at least two months before becoming concerned. Apparently, it’s taking a lot longer to get them out these days.

Order Form – Sui Juris

Will Gaston
PO Box 132
Mt. Angel, Oregon 97362

Shipping and Payment:

  • Please add $3.00 for first book to be shipped within the U.S.
  • Please add $1.50 for each additional book to be shipped within the U.S.
  • Send check or preferably Postal Money Orders with order.
  • Please make checks payable to Will Gaston
  • Please do not make checks payable to A Voice For Children.
  • If a book is to be mailed to a prison, please add $6 shipping. Sometimes, we have to re-ship 3 times to a prison address before the book gets delivered.

"Sui Juris – The Truth in the Record,"
A Process for the People to Access the Courts

Book Price:    $17.00
Shipping Cost: $3.00
Total Cost:    $20.00

Please ship my book to me at the following address:

Postal Address
City, State ZIP

Include your e-mail address and phone number if you wish.

Special thanks to Kip in Colorado!


Will Gastons website "A Voice for Children," is back up (as of May 16, 2008). Many of the links are pointing to a web archive but it’s a start. According to the site Will Gaston can be reached at (503) 632-7305 or .

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