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E.R. Staff Bullies Parents

June 13, 2011 in Arkansas, Child Protective Services, CPS, family rights, Louisiana

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Trying to be good parents in this day and age can be a real challenge. These parents were forced to subject their child to 7-hip X-rays within the span of just a couple of days, putting her at risk of radiation poisoning.  Then ACH social workers threaten the parents with removal, if they don’t put their child at further risk by having a possibly unneeded surgery.

“After complaining of hip pain and walking with a limp off and on for  three weeks, on 01 Jun 11, Briana was complaining of pain.   I (Brandi) made an appointment for the  following day (02 Jun 11) with Dr. Steven Venters in Farmerville, LA.  Dr. Venters examined Briana, concluding that  she maintained full flexion in her hip/leg area and also ordered x-rays to be  performed at Union General Hospital.  He  prescribed a high dose of Aleve for pain and possible inflammation.   At three or so in the afternoon on the 2nd  Briana had two x-rays and they were sent to Venters’ office.” ~ Paul Bumgardner  [Read more…]

Not only are these health-care workers bullies they show a total disregard for this child’s health and welfare. What gives these people the right to usurp a parents best judgement.

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The effects of radiation from repeated X-rays accumulate over a lifetime, so radiologists consider the patient’s total exposure and weigh up the risks before performing further X-ray tests. Techniques and technology are very sophisticated these days, significantly reducing the risk of excessive exposure, which is known to cause radiation sicknesses (such as blood disorders and skin problems).

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Following the Rules?

August 24, 2010 in DCFS, Louisiana

My name is R.W. I am a mother involved with DCFS in Louisiana. The incident that set all this in motion happened in Arkansas and is still in the process of being transferred to this state.

The judge in the parish we are having the case transferred to has already verbally agreed to take the case and actually from my understanding, has already signed the necessary paperwork to complete the process BUT I am finding it so difficult to get DCFS to act accordingly.

I have done and am still meeting all the requirements set forth by the judge and DCFS but I have yet been able to receive unsupervised visits. It has been 13 weeks and 4 days since the incident and we are still running on the same case plan we received within a few days of the worst night of my life.

Do you have any resources or information I could use to help me determine if DCFS is not acting in the best interest of my daughter? She needs her Mommy and since we have had to relocate to Louisiana from Illinois, she needs to get better acquainted with her new home. I don’t know why they won’t allow unsupervised visits, both my husband and I have had numerous clean drug screens and continue to go to counseling and outside meetings.

I feel so helpless I’ve been referred to a shrink for antidepressants and have lost close to 25 pounds through the amount of stress I’m under. So if you can help please do! I need all the help I can get. There are many more aspects to this case but I am a lazy typist!

Thank you,
R.W. in Louisiana

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