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White Children Targeted

September 30, 2011 in Adoption, California, corruption, CPS, family court, family rights, foster care

In June 2011, Sarah Sandy’s children were removed by Orange County Child Protective Services. She fought her battle for their return, in the family court of Orange County, California, where corruption appears to be the order of the day. You decide. Watch the video…

White Children being Targeted for Abduction By CPS

Jeanne Gelin, with the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform (NCCPR) comments on the court proceedings. Gelin addresses the ethnic disparity issue. [Visit: NCCPR]

“Statistics show that almost 80% of children placed in foster care, should never have been removed from their homes. There was never any abuse.”

What do you think? Do you believe that CPS targets white children for removal?

Advance Battle Plan…

April 20, 2011 in California, Child Protective Services, CPS, DCFS, DHS, family court, parental rights, termination of parental rights

If you speak to anyone who has ever dealt with the Child Protective Services (CPS) engine, they will likely tell you they wish they had been informed of their rights prior to the initial contact.

Most parents don’t believe CPS is a problem agency, until they have been contacted and frankly, by then it is simply too late. You can’t expect to win a battle when you don’t know or understand the rules of how the game is played.

Just ask any chess player. You must know the role of each piece and how they move and attack. Each piece is different and they all have their strengths and weaknesses, which can been leveraged to your advantage or used against you.

Don Lyons is a parent, who has faced CPS and won his battle — learning a lot about how the system works along the way. His precious girls were placed into the foster care system, he was threatened with the loss of his parental rights and suffered a litany of dirty tricks, lies and scandalous behavior. To his credit, he fought the system, Pro se and won.

Pro se legal representation refers to the instance of a person representing himself or herself without a lawyer in a court proceeding, whether as a defendant or a plaintiff and whether the matter is civil or criminal. Pro se is a Latin phrase meaning “for oneself”.

He explains the rules as they apply here in California and in most states. He walks you through the legal process and provides critical details that you must know, if you plan to beat the ugly beast known as family court.

Bill Sullivan writes,

“In his book, “Warning: The Truth about Child Protective Services and The Staggering Impact on Society,” my friend Don Lyons, documents 5 different ways they can get paid.

Also Many Judges’ retirement is tied to the number of cases where DCFS is deemed to be benefactor for the children or they actually sit on boards for the operators of Foster homes.

Don’s first book, Warning: The Truth About Child Protective Services and The Staggering Impact on Society, has been widely read and has helped many parents successfully gain the return of their children from state custody.

His new book will be announced shortly, so be sure to check back for more information on his latest book.

Those who have lost their children will be interested in reading Don’s book, but those who really need this book are the parents whose children are still safe at home. So please, at this special low-low-price, order two and send a copy to a friend or family member.

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Warning: The Truth About Child Protective Services
and The Staggering Impact on Society

Persecuted by LA CPS

January 10, 2011 in California, CPS

The family is under siege, with no apparent relief in sight. I receive letters like the one below, almost every single day. The story is always the same — only the names and the places are different. Something has to change. Our nations heritage is as stake.

You can’t just remove a child from everything he/she has ever known — and turn the child’s entire LIFE upside down and expect everything to turn out just fine. It just won’t happen. We gain our identity from those who know and love us. Millions of children are being adopted out to strangers. Many of these children will spend years trying to hunt down their biological parents — some will never have the chance to truly know who they are.

Our family with four children has been persecuted by the Department of Children and Family Services in LA County for the last 12 months based on manufactured evidence.

The criminal activities of the DCFS are endorsed and supported by the Dependency Court.

Our children, all under the age of 11, have been in 6 foster homes and 5 school systems in the last 12 months, my business is ruined and my wife is on the verge of total emotional breakdown.

DCFS is corrupt and money-driven. I would not have believed that something like this was possible in the USA.

Alex K.,
Los Angeles, CA

Change the culture of foster care

July 1, 2010 in California, Child Protective Services, corruption, due process, Michigan

Vivek S. Sankaran hits the nail on the head with her article, “Change the culture of the foster care system,” posted today in The Detroit News. She said in part:

Change foster care

Wayne County recently joined cities across the country and celebrated the first national Reunification Day to recognize the accomplishments of those who help parents regain custody of children lost to the foster care system.

For years, the goal of reunifying children in foster care with their families has received short shrift. Even though most children come to the attention of child protective services for allegations of neglect, far too many are removed abruptly from their homes and placed with strangers.

Once in foster care, they see their parents and siblings infrequently, change placements too often and receive inadequate medical and mental health treatment. Their parents rarely receive the help they need and they lack a meaningful voice in court.

All of this does enormous harm to the children. Foster care is a toxic intervention that must be used sparingly. An MIT study revealed that outcomes for children in foster care were far worse than similarly maltreated children who remained at home.

There it is in black and white. From MIT, a study that shows outcomes for children in foster care are far worse than similarly maltreated children who remained at home.

Most courts up until this point have been filled with parents, pleading, crying and demanding their children be returned. It won’t be long until the courts are filled with angry, former foster children bringing lawsuits against the state for wrongful removal. The lives that have been destroyed are in the millions. Sankaran goes on to point out some other very interesting facts:

No state system passed recent federal audits evaluating the treatment of foster children in state custody.

These problems are particularly troublesome in Michigan. In 2008, only a third of children who exited foster care were returned to their parents, nearly 20 percentage points below the national average. And the time it takes for Michigan to reunify those families is double the national average.

In contrast, Michigan is swift and efficient at separating children from their parents forever. Our state has the seventh highest rate of terminating parental rights in the country. Michigan has the second largest population of “legal orphans” — children whose only parent is the state.

I haven’t checked but if I had to wager a bet. My money would be on California having the largest population of legal orphans. We remove more children from their parents than any other state in the country.

This is simply unacceptable.

Did you know that in most states a child has five years after his or her 18th birthday to bring legal action against the state? You can bet that most foster children have no idea they have a legal cause of action for their treatment while in foster care, more so, if they were wrongly removed.

The only way I believe we are going to get the attention of our government is to make it too expensive for them to steal our children. Money talks and it’s time they pay up for all the lives who have been destroyed by their evil deeds. Yes, folks, I said it. There is no other way around it. These people are just plain evil.

Where is the Church?

January 29, 2009 in Adoption, California, parental rights

A Father’s untold story; What’s behind Parental Alienation

January 28, 2009

Hi Ms. Jayne Major,

We met about a year & a half ago at your regular Denny’s restaurant meeting. I was in town after delivering an Airstream RV unit in Long Beach. It was great to hear some of your people tell their stories. Thank you for having Breakthrough Parenting Services and trying to stop parental alienation of children living in Los Angeles, Calif.

I’m caught up in my extended family abuse of my relationship with my son and the court enforcement of it. Some kind of intervention is needed. Maybe you can give me direction? From my end of it they have been hell bent on alienating me from my son and tight lipped.

The main opposition is coming from one of my younger brothers and his wife who are United Methodist. My brother is a pastor of a small church in Andover, Ohio. The court placed my 8-year-old son with my brother and his wife in 2000, after a temporary dependency incident that lasted only a few days and instead of resolving any concerns my brother or the court had in honesty and truth, they turned it into an excuse to never return my son.

They have used my mistakes as an excuse to terminate our father and son relationship. I know my brother is hostile towards me, and refuses to resolve the matter in adherence to the Christian instruction he is in the pulpit to preach.

For the court it’s about the huge amounts of money their making by dragging cases out and misappropriating the funds that are originally intended to help struggling families. All Bar Association affiliated attorneys have their hands tied and cannot get the job done right, even if they wanted to.

I’m self-described as a Born Again Christian and basically there is no meaningful assistance from the majority of the churches because they have registered and incorporated themselves with secular government, for the so-called benefits of limited liability and operate under a corporate charter, rather than simply follow and doing what the Holy Bible instructs.

Essentially, they have divorced themselves from their head, Jesus Christ, and do not realize they are being deceived — or if they do — and many of the pastors do, but not so much the congregations. They don’t care because they like the materialistic humanistic way of life and if the congregation doesn’t hold them accountable for their lack of properly spiritual leading, they will continue to deceive.

This is the reason why my pastor brother and his wife, et al, have been so calloused towards me falsely testifying against me in court resulting in the separation and alienation of my son and me from each other.

In order to be a true believer in God you have to stand for truth. The truth is to those who hate the truth; hate and they react in viciousness. Because they see that their fraudulent less than honest ways of making a living is threatened by the living witness of those who sincerely want to retain the freedom to live their lives, based upon the values that made us great to begin with. We govern ourselves according to the highest law, that of our creator, and not to have that value standard perverted and lied about, as if its some kind of crime to honor and respect your heavenly Father’s commandments.

I believe the anti-Christ government, police state, mentality that is rearing its ugly head is the number one terrorist and is being advanced by evil people in high positions to use fear and trauma to break the masses of people down in order to relinquish rights and be subjected to the socialist plundering of America.

If you have any helpful comments they will be appreciated. I am not highly educated but I am reaching out because I was given the gift of my son — to be my son’s father — and that comes with a sacred duty and responsibility that I was performing and wish to resume and continue to perform without unjust interference.

My son is 17 now and knows what happened and it’s strange to me that he ignores me by not doing anything to stay in contact. On rare events when I do see him off the record he acts very respectful and we have had pleasant times together, sharing, etc.

I want my son to have the best future he can and I know that God placed me here because as a his earthly father I am the only one along with his mother that has his highest best interest in mind, not the state.

I have come to a conclusion, that is, I have a relationship with my Father that I won’t let go. I also have a need to get closure concerning this crime brought against me, and my son. Before I can even think about getting on with the rest of my life, this corrupt custody case of abuse of the public trust has to be resolved.

Thank you for reading my story.
Richard Palo
General post-office
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
216-926-5003 cell

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