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DCFS and Rett Syndrome

October 4, 2011 in Adoption, Arkansas, corruption, DCFS, foster care, foster parents

Who will stand up and speak out against the power hungry DCFS workers in Little Rock, Arkansas? Even children with Rett Syndrome deserve parents! Why would the state prefer to warehouse children in an institution? It doesn’t make any sense. Read Jill’s story…

My daughter’s foster home closed this past week, due to some paperwork she had not turned in. I am by no means excusing this, as she has acknowledged she was in the wrong.

Official seal of City of Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock DCFS, Out of Control!

She and her husband were in the process of adopting three girls. The attorney for the 14 year old requested a hearing; the judge gave custody to my daughter and son in law. The judge said he was displeased with how DCFS had handled the case.

They removed the 4 year old from their home on Thursday; and placed her in an institution, located in North Little Rock. She suffers from Rett Syndrome, a severe form of autism, and she is unable to speak. They removed the six year old on Friday morning, and placed her in another foster home.

My daughter was told she could not speak to, nor assist with the transition of the four year old. My daughter is the only one who has cared for this child in three and a half years. She has fought the state on numerous occasions to get the training needed to care for this child.

DCFS also failed the children. The 14 year old met with her caseworker once – six months ago – the day before a court hearing. The next day, in court, the caseworker did not know her name, age, or where she went to school. Caseworkers, by law, are required to visit children on a weekly basis — no one has been in the home to check on any of the children in six months.

When we were in court, the DCFS workers were sitting directly in front of us, they talked about my family, knowing we could hear every word they uttered. One made the comment that she had wanted to close this foster home since last November. However, they placed another child in the home just this past spring.

The agency has opposed the adoption of the four year old because of her disability. They say she is better off in an institution.

We love this little girl and do not feel she is a burden at all. My daughter and son in law asked to proceed with the adoption of the four and six year old. They even offered to waive any stipend the state would pay, but the state workers declined. Maybe it is the position of the state that all handicapped children should live in an institution?

I believe these children belong in a loving home with friends and family to call their own. What the state is doing is wrong.

Jill H.
Little Rock, Arkansas

Learn More About Rett Syndrome

WebMD Medical Reference

Rett syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder that affects girls almost exclusively. When boys develop the Rett syndrome mutation, they die shortly after birth.

What Are the Symptoms of Rett Syndrome?

Although it’s not always detected, a slowing of head growth is one of the first events in Rett syndrome. Loss of muscle tone is also an initial symptom. Soon, the little girl loses any purposeful use of her hands. Instead, she habitually wrings or rubs her hands together.

Around 1 to 4 years of age, social and language skills deteriorate in girls with Rett syndrome. A girl with Rett syndrome stops talking. She develops extreme social anxiety and withdrawal or disinterest in other people.

Rett syndrome also causes problems with muscles and coordination. Walking becomes awkward as girls develop a jerky, stiff-legged gait. A girl with Rett syndrome may also have uncoordinated breathing and seizures.

Treatments for Rett Syndrome

There are treatments available for Rett syndrome. Rett syndrome treatments focus on helping a girl live the best life she can with the condition. Physical therapy can help improve mobility in these children. Speech therapy may help somewhat with language problems. Occupational therapy helps girls perform daily activities — like bathing and dressing — independently.

Experts believe that therapy can help girls with Rett syndrome and their parents. Although a “normal” life may not be possible, some improvement can be expected with therapy. Participating in activities — including school — and improved social interaction are sometimes possible.

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E.R. Staff Bullies Parents

June 13, 2011 in Arkansas, Child Protective Services, CPS, family rights, Louisiana

Locator Map of Louisiana, United States

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Trying to be good parents in this day and age can be a real challenge. These parents were forced to subject their child to 7-hip X-rays within the span of just a couple of days, putting her at risk of radiation poisoning.  Then ACH social workers threaten the parents with removal, if they don’t put their child at further risk by having a possibly unneeded surgery.

“After complaining of hip pain and walking with a limp off and on for  three weeks, on 01 Jun 11, Briana was complaining of pain.   I (Brandi) made an appointment for the  following day (02 Jun 11) with Dr. Steven Venters in Farmerville, LA.  Dr. Venters examined Briana, concluding that  she maintained full flexion in her hip/leg area and also ordered x-rays to be  performed at Union General Hospital.  He  prescribed a high dose of Aleve for pain and possible inflammation.   At three or so in the afternoon on the 2nd  Briana had two x-rays and they were sent to Venters’ office.” ~ Paul Bumgardner  [Read more…]

Not only are these health-care workers bullies they show a total disregard for this child’s health and welfare. What gives these people the right to usurp a parents best judgement.

Related Information:

The effects of radiation from repeated X-rays accumulate over a lifetime, so radiologists consider the patient’s total exposure and weigh up the risks before performing further X-ray tests. Techniques and technology are very sophisticated these days, significantly reducing the risk of excessive exposure, which is known to cause radiation sicknesses (such as blood disorders and skin problems).

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Fighting Court Bias

January 29, 2009 in Arkansas, family court, Visitation

Fighting Court Bias in Arkansas

Six years ago, I was a recently divorced single mom. I was struggling and turned to my mother for help. I was offered a job out of state and had asked my mother to care for my children long enough for me to be able to find a home where the job was.

I signed guardianship of my children to my mother in case of an emergency. I’ve been denied the right to be with my children ever since. I have been through two different lawyers. I have been fighting for custody of my children, Evelynn (11 yrs) and Jessyca (9 yrs) in the courts for 3 years now.

When I started, I had been paying child support, yet I was denied all contact with my children. Recently I have been allowed a meager 12 hours of unsupervised visitation a month. I now pay the maximum allowable child support for my income, $264.00 twice a month!

Criminals are allowed more contact with their children than myself! Even deadbeat fathers get standard visitation of every other weekend and holidays!

I have had a stable home and a stable job for several years. I have no physical or mental disability to prevent me for providing a good life for my children. I have been involved with child protective services and they found me to be a good mother. I have even had parenting classes provided to me by child protective services at my request!

I want custody of my children. My children have stated to a court appointed counselor as well as a court appointed (for them) attorney that they want to live with my husband and I.

My home has been proven fit for my children. I have a bedroom all ready for my little girls to come home. I have never been found unfit by child services. I don’t even have a criminal record other than traffic tickets. So, what I want to know is what is stopping the courts from allowing me to raise my children?

My mother was raised in Yell County, Arkansas, where my case is being heard. She personally knows the judge and all the court employees. When I first filed for custody of my children, with out my mother’s knowledge, somehow she was able to file a counter suit before my case was ever served to her!

She used to baby-sit the mother of one of the court clerks employed at Danville Court house. I know in my heart that there is a serious miscarriage of the law happening in this case. I feel that as long as my case is a Yell County court case, I will never get my children back. I feel that the court is unfairly biased against me, to the benefit of my mother.

Why else would this court system fail my children and myself so badly? I am tired of watching my children cry every time I have to return them to their grandmother. Please, I am begging you to help me. I just want to be a mommy. Please help me!

Thank you for your time,

Russellville, Arkansas
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School Makes Me Sick!

October 9, 2008 in Arkansas, caseworker, DHS

Truancy in Arkansas

I have to tell you my case about horrible injustice, abuse, and discrimination, constitutional and civil rights violation being committed against my son and me by juvenile court in Arkansas.

I fear my son is in danger of being legally kidnapped by a corrupt juvenile court over immoral laws for truancy and sick days. The corruption includes fraud, abuse, and the legal kidnapping of children from loving parents. Please help! Our case went from truancy, to sick days, to forced therapy, to contempt then an accusation of neglect. My son and I desperately need your help and I pray you can help us.

This case is not about my son and me accused of abuse, drugs, alcohol, neglect or any past criminal record. We are innocent!

Here’s the story

My youngest son was bullied in the fall of 2006 by a new, first time third grade teacher and again by the principal who has never liked us. Sadly, the nuns left in 2002 and the school never recovered but I stayed out of loyalty since my family had gone there for over 40-years.

It once was a loving, wonderful, private, Catholic school. This principal was always cold and unfriendly towards us not acting at all like a Christian and he didn’t mind showing his hatred for us and the teacher acted the same.

My son was sent to the office everyday for behavior problems such as being the class clown. He usually got sent home or I would check him out so the principal wouldn’t torture him.

Child Bullied by School Officials

I believe the constant bullying by this principal and teacher made my son sick emotionally and physically. My son complained of headaches, stomach pains, nausea, sleep problems, often vomiting in the mornings, and sudden crying episodes.

Then, he made several suicidal comments about going back to school so I changed him to another school quietly; where he made the A & B honor roll and graduated to 4th grade. We were not the only family who changed schools because of this principal.

I know the principal was angry that we changed schools so he filed a truancy complaint at the prosecuting attorney’s office for my son’s absents even though we no longer went to that school. I tried to explain all this to the judge but all she cared about was the sick days missed, not the trauma and abuse my son had suffered from these adult bullies.

Juvenile Court

And our nightmare had just begun: We have been dragged through the juvenile court treated like criminals for almost 2 years now; more missed days of school for court, caseworkers monitoring us, doctor visits, appointments with the already biased, court-appointed psychologist, and threats of DHS taking my son because of sick days.

We had court for the fifth time on June 27th hoping to close the case but instead the judge threatens to throw me in the county jail after a court employee lies on the witness stand claiming I refused to get counseling and complains that my son missed 32.5 days of the school year.

I found out later that the lying employee was my son’s parole officer who has never met us or never talks to us. I found out later that she was supposed to have set up the free counseling for my son and me after the last hearing in January. She clearly didn’t do her job so she shifted the blame on me because one week after this hearing, I received an appointment with a social worker at United Family Services set up by this lying parole officer.

This seems kind of hypocritical for us to get counseling from a social worker at UFS since my son and I were evaluated there 2-years-ago by a social worker; but the judge did not value her opinion. The social worker that talked to us then felt that I had made the right decision in changing schools and my son had adjusted well with no lasting trauma caused by the bullying; so she recommended closing the case.

Traumatized by the court

Of course now the court is traumatizing my son. I tried to defend my son for the 32-½ absents telling her that 8 of those days were court related, which we were told was excused; but the judge slammed her gavel down in a rage threatening to throw me in jail and put my son in foster care which terrified my son.

The threat of foster care

She is ordering DHS again to reopen the case and monitor us again. My son and I haven’t committed any crime. The court resembles Hitler and his Nazis; and my son and I are the innocent but condemned Jews. They torture us by scaring my son with threats of foster care; and me with threats of throwing me in jail and taking my son with no charge of any crime.

We had court today September 25th for the sixth time and I was falsely accused of contempt of court. The judge didn’t like that I had gone to two extra therapists for their opinion and help in addition to the counseling at UFS.

I tried to explain to her that I was showing the court that I am cooperating and never refused therapy even paying $200 to one therapist but the judge hated me for this effort claiming that my thinking was messed up.

The court appointed defense lawyer who never talks to me and has never defended my son or me because she usually just sits there, got up and said she thinks that I am neglecting my son now since I have a job. Before I was discriminated against and treated like scum because I wasn’t working and now I am accused of neglect because I am working again.

My son told me later that the defense attorney told him that she didn’t like me stating to him "I don’t like your mom." I know it upset him and I don’t want her near my son again.

It was so horrible and sickening how corrupt and evil this court is and they’re getting away with it. My son and I are ordered to go to therapy every week till we go back to court in January or the judge will take my son from me for a 72 hour hold if she finds me in contempt of these court orders which she will unlawfully and get away with it.

I believe this court is so evil that they are deliberately making sure my son and I can’t get therapy this week so they can kidnap him. They will make it look like I am not following orders even though I have called asking for help.

No where to hide

I have been advised to go into hiding immediately to protect my son from being kidnapped and there is reason to believe an order for his kidnapping will be enforced any day while he is at school which has me terrified to send him to school; but he can’t miss school because we’ll be in trouble for sick days.

I had to take my son to the doctor on October 7th and he was put on an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications. My son and I are so stressed by the horrible abuse from this court that it is making him sick. Help us!

At first, this case was about bullies, then it was about my son missing sick days and now they have twisted the case as if I am neglecting him. It keeps getting worse. Please! Someone Help Us!

We are being treated so unfair. I am really scared and confused because I have always believed being a loving, devoted mom, a good-hearted Christian and a law-abiding citizen that I would never be treated like a criminal. I was so wrong – there is no justice in America.

My son was only 9 years old when we first went to court, which means he wasn’t even old enough for juvenile court in Arkansas. We are being crucified for a truancy complaint from a school we no longer attended and sick days.

Civil Rights Violations

We haven’t committed any crimes. Don’t I have the right to keep my child home when he is sick? Aren’t we protected by the 8th Amendment? 1st Amendment? 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendments also? Please help!

Don’t my son and I have civil rights? What about our Miranda rights? Aren’t we protected by the Constitution? Why am I in trouble for saving my son from those bullies by changing schools? Didn’t the Supreme Court give parents the right to choose the best education for their children?

Don’t I have the right to protect my child from bullies? Don’t I have the right to protect my child from possible corruption in juvenile court? Isn’t it my responsibility to keep him safe from harm or danger? I pray for your help.

Please email me if you can help or know someone who could help. Thank you and God bless you!

D. R. in Arkansas

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