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Stand up and Fight!

June 10, 2013 in California, Child Protective Services, CPS, domestic violence, family court, family rights, jail, justice, Nevada

CPS in California have been accused of destroying families.

The audit plan passed the committee unanimously, and now the California state auditor, who has subpoena powers, will investigate CPS.

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, who sponsored the bill and organized parents to speak about their experiences, said it’s a good step forward. [Read more]

Family Court

Family Court

Not only that, but now the State of Nevada is investigating the family court. You can watch the video here.

If you have an ongoing case with CPS or the family courts, please take the time to send a letter to your legislators and the governor of your state.  Make it simple and clearly lay out the facts of your case. Don’t go into details – they will get them later.  Have a friend read your letter before you send it.

If you don’t have a case.  Please write your legislators and ask them to investigate.  We all know that what happens in family court is against the law, so they exist only on the whim of the state. Show your representatives that this is something close to you and important to their constituents and they will get involved.

Finally, please watch the video and if that really makes you angry that she would sit there and do nothing, tell her about it! This woman should know better.


Patricia Doninger
Domestic Violence Commissioner
Eighth Judicial District Court
Family Division Administration

Family Courts & Services Center
601 N. Pecos Rd., 3rd Fl
Las Vegas NV, 89101 USA

Phone: (702) 455-2434
Fax: (702) 455-5551

Judicial Assistant: Mary Williams, Legal Secretary

Be sure to send a copy of the letter to your legislators if you live in Nevada.

You can use this service to find out who your legislators are.

This campaign will run until the 4th of July!  Our families deserve independence!

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Divorce and the Children

July 30, 2011 in domestic violence, family court, parent-child relationship

With about two million people getting divorced every year in the United States alone, and one and a half million children affected by these divorces, there’s clearly an urgent need to get through this process with dignity, respect and compassion. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and, as a result, children suffer. It’s in the news everyday and transcends social class.

Divorce Happens – This Doctor Helps Protect The Innocence Of Children
And Teaches Parents How To Minimize The Damage

July 30, 2011 – Dr. Mark Robert Banschick designed The Intelligent Divorce book series and The Online Family Stabilization Course as a way to help divorcing parents avoid the common mistakes that end up hurting children during a divorce. The mission of the project is to teach parents how to raise well-adjusted children despite the pressures that divorce puts on everyone.

Video: “It’s Working Out”

A blueprint that every adult should use as they go through a divorce, The Intelligent Divorce advocates on behalf of kids through books, an online course, seminars and a media campaign. Based on hundreds of case studies, current research and decades of experience, Dr. Banschick teaches parents how to handle divorce with dignity, strength and intelligence.

The first book in the series, Taking Care of Your Children (2010), focuses on the well being of kids by teaching parents effective communication strategies that help them gauge how their children are doing with the divorce. And, if their child is in trouble, Dr. Banschick’s pragmatic approach teaches parents how to make a positive difference.

The second book, Taking Care of Yourself (2011), helps parents take control of their lives by handling anger, pain and anxiety more productively; learning about finances and healthier living; and dealing realistically with the world of attorneys, therapists and difficult ex-spouses. On this note, the third book, scheduled to come out in 2012, centers around Dealing with a Difficult Ex.

Mark R. Banschick, M.D. is a child and adolescent psychiatrist. The Intelligent Divorce project evolved from his work as an expert witness in custody disputes. Dr. Banschick has appeared on the CBS Early Show, The Ricki Lake Show, WCBS TV Morning News, and has been quoted in The New York Times,,, and regularly contributes to the Huffington Post.

Dr. Banschick is currently working with a production company on a sample pilot television show designed to educate the public about divorcing with your children in mind, despite the difficult feelings and power struggles that come with the territory.

For the two million people divorcing each year in this country and the one and a half million children who are affected, The Intelligent Divorce is a project worth pursuing. As part of a public outreach effort, Dr. Banschick is open to media contact and interviews on topics of divorce and parenting.

For more information please visit Dr. Banschick’s website,

Cathy Meyer, Founder, “It isn’t merely a book; it’s a tool that anyone going through a divorce should be required to implement. It belongs on the desk of all divorce lawyers, judges, child psychologists, and every divorced or divorcing parent.”

Someone Playing Games?

September 22, 2009 in CPS, domestic violence, foster care, Vancouver, Washington

Back in July a story ran on KPTV’s Fox 12 out of Oregon about a father who was accused of kidnapping his own child.

Baby Found Safe; Father Surrenders

VANCOUVER, Wash. — Child Protective Services took a 2-month-old child into protective custody Saturday one day after deputies said they were “very concerned” for his welfare.

Andrew Christiansen was taken by his biological parents in the Vancouver area sometime after Sunday, deputies said. A court order mandates that Child Protective Services take the baby boy from his parents.

The court order stems from concerns over the living environment at the home of Nicholas and Shondra Christiansen, deputies said. Authorities also said there have been previous domestic violence issues between the Christiansens at their house.

On Wednesday, police arrested the mother, Shondra Christiansen, in Springfield. The child was not with her at the time of her arrest and she was not cooperating with investigators, said Sgt. Scott Schanaker in a sheriff’s office news release.

On Saturday, Nicholas Christiansen called 911 turned himself in, deputies said.

He was jailed on a charge of custodial interference and an unrelated domestic violence charge.

Father Responds to Allegations

Just today we received a response from the father, regarding the allegations made in this article.

I am emailing you in regards to the article that ran on KPTV in mid July over Andrew Donavyn Christiansen.

I am Nicholas Christiansen, the father that was allegedly on the run with my son. I want to know exactly what I did wrong, but CPS will not give me any straight answers.

There were no papers served, no phone calls made, or anything of the sort, with anybody even hinting at the idea that CPS had a protective order and were coming to take my son. I got into an unrelated fight with my roommates (hence the domestic violence charge) and went down to Eugene to cool off for a bit, since we have a lot of friends down there.

State Workers Lie

While driving we received a phone call that we are on the news and they are trying to take my baby. Tell me, what would you do, if you got a phone call that the state was trying to take your baby?

Well, since I turned myself in, a lot has happened. CPS reneged on the deal they made — that my son could stay with my mother. The social worker, Nancy Bailey, said that it was her opinion that my mother knew that Shondra was doing illegal things and concealed them from CPS and therefore was unfit to take care of my son. Not true.

Foster Care vs Kinship Care

Andrew Christiansen has been in foster care since I turned myself in, but this weekend he is going to my uncle in Oregon, under a CPS interstate compact for relative care. I am still awaiting a trial date for custodial interference 1 and assault 2 DV (domestic violence), although I got bailed out of jail.

This whole time, Nancy has been telling me that she wanted me to have a psychological evaluation to see if there is anything wrong with me, yet has not followed through with it. I even went to the VA hospital in Oregon, since I just got out of the Marines in February of this year and I am still eligible for VA healthcare.

She said that wasn’t good enough and wanted one that her agency would provide, yet has failed to provide one as of yet. She has been talking about this since I got bailed out, in late July.

Shondra has since been extradited from Eugene, Oregon to Vancouver, Washington to stand trial on the custodial interference charge. She is pleading not guilty as am I, because there is no proof that what we did was malicious or criminal, yet my son is still in protective custody for reasons that are beyond me.

If anybody has any further questions or wants to just talk, my number is (360) 980-4398.

Shirley’s Story

July 8, 2008 in domestic violence, False Allegations, investigation, parental rights, Tennessee

Rutherford County, Tennessee corrupt officials accused of withholding evidence, dereliction of duties, violating civil liberties…

On December 3, 2006, our world and our life ended as we knew it. My son was falsely charged with domestic assault by his 17-year-old stepdaughter, who he had raised since she was a year old. She told her mother, who had left more than four years previous, that he slapped her and pulled her hair. She was angry because he took her computer away for having posted self-porn on the internet. The mother, once a stripper, now a prostitute and convicted drug dealer on 6-months probation, saw an opportunity to get back the two children that she had voluntarily given up and walked away from.

She called the police and asked for her friend, a detective who is not very fond of our family, to get involved. Although this detective was not on duty, he came, took my son into custody, detained him there and proceeded to search his home without a warrant. In the "search," his laptop computer and several personal items were taken. The detective admitted that he did not have a warrant under oath in court.

Shirley's Story

Then several police officers and DCS came to my home, walking in without a warrant or legal documents of any kind, and said the children had to go with them. Although the front door was open, the storm door was closed, they did not knock…just barged in.

We were all in the kitchen when they arrived. My husband, on oxygen, was very ill and did not need the added stress. We were with the children every day of their lives and seeing the now terrified children was very difficult. He grieved for them every day until he died five-months later.

No Background Check

The police and the social worker took the children back to their mother and released them to her with no foster or other preventative plan put into place, let alone to verify that she was capable of caring for her children. The children barely knew her. She had little to no interface and would only bring them a cheap toy every once in awhile. Unfortunately, that was the extent of her parenting. My son was mother, and father to all three of the children, including hers.

We had never had any experience with anything like this before. I did not know that they were supposed to have emergency removal papers. I did not know that I did not have to let them go. They have been gone for over a year and a half. We have missed Christmas for 2-years and their birthdays. Our little girl is 7 and our little boy just turned 11-last month.

No Investigation

DCS was supposed to investigate this case, and send us the findings within 90-days. We called Friday, and they don’t even have a file on it. They don’t even know where the children are. We have just found out that the DCS worker that came and took them, no longer works there. Our custody lawyer filed our case in court. We were forced to put it on hold, pending the outcome of the abuse case. My son was told that if he went through with the custody case that they would throw him back in jail.

After he was charged with assault, the detective and 12 police officers in body armor came 3-days later, and charged him with rape of a child – 33 counts, and he was put on 1 million dollar bond. Then after they threw him in jail, they took the daughter the next day for a rape test, and she is still a virgin. Her hymen is intact, no rips, no tears, no notches. They asked her leading questions, and with coaching from her mother, she has told terrible lies. My son sat in jail for 1-½ months before he got a bond reduction hearing lowering the bond to $250,000. We were also put on a protective order that prevented us from contact within 1000 feet of them and no contact, not even supervised visits.

We were never advised by our counsel that any of the actions on the part of the DCS and the police was illegal, until we changed attorneys recently. And, although he said that the Judge was wrong, we’ve still been prevented from seeing them. They would not let us get a GAL for them, saying they would put my son back in jail. They will not let us see the police report; in fact, they are hiding it from us.

They are also withholding exculpatory evidence. They have changed judges 4-times, we’ve been to court 29-times, and they have changed the trial date, several times. It has been set again, for next month, in front of the worst judge in this county. They hid the laptop for 8-months, and finally came up with it, and now they won’t let us see it, even though 2-judges ruled that we can. This time the TBI is giving the computer expert the runaround. They have illegally taken and kept this computer for 1-½ years.

They dropped the case of domestic assault – expunged and nullified it, trying to get rid of the police report, after we went to court 5-times, demanding a hearing, and they never gave us one. This has never been done in the state of Tennessee, before. They dropped the order of protection, so that the daughter did not have to testify. When the mother took out the order of protection, under oath, she never mentioned rape. They made it all up so that she can keep the children.

Meanwhile, we are under unbearable stress. They are trying to railroad my son into prison. He has never been in any trouble. We want our children back, and we don’t even know if they are ok. They loved their grandpa; the children don’t even know he passed away. They really loved their daddy. And he loved them, and took better care of them than any man I have ever known. They were his life.

All of this because of a vindictive evil woman, a corrupted detective who everyone thinks is having an affair with her, and a teenage girl, who used to hate her mother, for being a prostitute, but now she is living with her. Not to mention the DCS worker, who didn’t care what level of trauma she put the children under by keeping them from their dad, and a corrupt judge who should have thrown this case out.

It is a waste of taxpayer’s money. This happened in Smyrna, Tennessee, and will be tried in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Rutherford County is well known for its corruption. DCS was supposed to notify us of their finding over a year ago. We haven’t heard a word. Everyone should be aware of what is going on in this country, by DCS workers, corrupt police, corrupt prosecuting attorneys and arrogant judges.

I have written to the governor, the states attorney, Jesse Jackson, the ACLU, our congressmen and senators, and everyone that I could think of. I told the whole story, and sent them all certified, and notarized. I have not heard a word.

If there is any way you can help me — maybe a website that I can post the letter from my attorney on, or anything at all to help, we would appreciate it.

Thank you and God bless,
Rutherford County, Tennessee

Update: The head judge of the county has, by court order, sent this case back to the 2nd judge, for trial. This judge is not nearly as bad as the head judge. The TBI have finally allowed our experts to examine the computer.

Arkansas Infant Kidjacked

June 22, 2008 in domestic violence, drugs, foster care, Kidjacked

Arkansas Infant Kidjacked

My girlfriend and I got into a heated argument and she was taken to jail for domestic battery.

Since we were not married, they took my beautiful 5-month-old infant daughter. Despite my name being listed on the birth certificate, they said they had to take her because I had no legal parent rights to the child.

We both appeared at the emergency hearing, and I testified that I was her biological father, and so did my girlfriend. I established paternity, but they still kept my daughter. I was assigned a caseworker, and was able to visit my daughter a few days ago for one hour.

During the visit, I noticed her hair was all matted up, and could not be brushed because of the entanglements. She has also developed a severe diaper rash, the likes of which she never had while with her mommy and daddy. She has developed a rash on her cheeks, which looks like she has been sleeping in her own slobber.

She appeared drugged – no longer the happy little baby girl she was while in our custody. She was lethargic, like she was doped up on Nyquil or something. I brought with me a parental visitation form, and documented this in front of the caseworker. She said I could expect some of these types of things, to which I disagreed. I was able to videotape the evidence.

Here in Arkansas, there is some law, which says a child can be taken if the father isn’t married to the mother. What a load of crap! My attorney said that he would file an emergency petition if her condition get worsens. I am scared for her safety. The caseworker is recommending drug and alcohol assessments, and I wasn’t charged with anything!

I feel like my rights have been violated, and even worse my daughters’ rights! This has devastated my family, I feel like they had no legal right to place her in foster care to begin with. On the Arkansas Department of Human Services website, it says that because of a “shortage” of caucasian infants, they are not taking application for adoption for “white” babies, only “black” infants! This makes me cringe, because my baby is white, with big beautiful sky blue eyes, and is very adorable.

I feel like they are trying to steal her, for federal funding, and adoption bonuses. The next hearing is set for August 15th, and I am only able to see her for one-hour each week, and they have an hour and a half drive to see me.

When I picked her up last time, I could tell that she sat in a soiled diaper the whole trip! What a travesty. Can anyone help? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Scared Dad in Arkansas

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