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Wake Up America!

January 26, 2008 in bipolar, CPS, West Virginia

You people haven’t heard anything yet! Here in Mingo County, West Virginia, the tail end of everything, my child was removed from our home Wednesday evening just because the CPS worker – get this now – “heard” from somebody that my wife is bi-polar.

My wife has never been diagnosed as bi-polar but the stupid system will not even listen to her. They tell me that I can see her (my daughter) all I want and go anywhere I want with her – but I must keep her from my wife.

What kind of system is this? Neither my wife nor I have ever spanked our child (she is a female age 10). We punish her by grounding — it’s effective with our child. There is no chance of any violence in our home.

I was a cop for years in the past but am currently performing a different job by choice. I know there must be something we can do. We have an attorney working the case but this is something that should have never happened. I ask you people to stand up for our rights.

I’m starting to think we live in a country that doesn’t abide by the Declaration of Independence but simply hides behind it. Good luck to anybody who has to deal with these jerks. I will fight these idiots tooth and nail and bring my daughter back home to our family. This has caused my wife and I to come close to having a nervous breakdown. Just because of an assumption, these people jumped to conclusions and took our daughter. Wake up America — before it’s to late! The next thing before you know it they will be trying to tell us when we can use the bathroom!

Parental Treatment Choice

August 21, 2007 in bipolar, parental rights

My name is Martha and I have a five-year old child with early onset bipolar disorder among other problems. I also have a three-year old baby girl with no problems.

Recently, my sister, turned me into CPS because she does not agree with my treatment plan for my bipolar daughter. At this point, CPS “says” they will just verify the medical verification I have given and get back to me in two weeks. However, I would like to be prepared.

I know they will question me about her medications and the doses we give. However, my husband and I have decided to pursue natural alternatives such as: Omega 3, B vitamins, counseling, and other things. We feel that our daughter is too young to be over-medicated and feel the side affects related to these drugs are just too much of a risk. If at any time, I thought her problems were out of my control and warranted medications, I would not hesitate to use them. However, I have taken steps to make her safe and happy with natural methods.

Isn’t this my decision as her parent? She is not suffering any harmful side affects from our decision and on most days is happy and safe at our home. Are there any others with special-needs children who have faced this? Are there any laws or legal statues concerning this issue?

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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