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April 8, 2010 in CPS, False Allegations, lawsuit

We need an attorney in Conroe, TX who is not afraid to fight CPS. The nightmare has been building daily to the extent that it is destroying the entire family, extended family and the children – all from false allegations that were already discredited in court, yet CPS is not held accountable.

It was bad enough that the mother’s rights were violated, along with the childrens’, and a very long list of unsubstantiated and dishonest allegations against her keep coming back up in court, but they put the children in an “emergency shelter” because no foster homes are available – and the kids are being abused in the shelter.

The most stable, secure and safe environment for the kids is with their grandparents and CPS decided that they were “disapproved” (with more false allegations). CASA is supposed to be the advocate for the children, but appear to be a little too intertwined with CPS and we learned that we cannot trust them either. And all of these people – what are their “credentials” that they can place so many misjudgments on so many people? I have not seen any.

We do not have a great deal of money, but we need help. Any suggestions?

Sue M.

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  1. Hi Sue M., I see that you are seeking an attorney in Conroe. In our experience, CASA there has been very good; however, the legal system there has not been pleasant. CPS is just plain scary. Must warn you to be very careful with whom you choose to trust.You may need to go outside of the area to seek unbiased legal assistance.Just gotta ask…..are there any babies involved or are the children older?

  2. where out of Indina. My good friends who are the family of the sister of two kids me and my wife has adopted. make it short the dad gave up his wrights and the mom is devoriced from dad lost her rights to her other kids witch we adopted and for the kids stayed in tuch with this dad. mother has there kids and 3 differnt dads.back to story dad gave up wrights so sister and husband could adotped the child and he still be in her life soon as he did a false accuation witch some how came supstanated came out the dcs took the child and tryed to adopted her out to a go a attorney out of indy and got hes wrights back after fighting over a it can be done if u want more info google have you been done wrong (dcs) and u will see.IT may be able to help

  3. Texas established group: by a foster family who learned about DFPS' mismanagement.He has litigated against and won against TEXAS.

  4. I just read your posting. CPS in Conroe, Texas took our little child away too. We had a terrible time with CPS accusing us wrongly. Someone called the police and they accused us of potential child abuse.

    I had loved my child more than anything and CPS ruined our lives. We got her back fast, but not without the child getting damaged by CPS in the process. It was horrible how we had to hear from our child how badly she was abused & tortured in the “emergency shelter” there by a policeman and a policewoman at the CPS building in Conroe, Texas and having to experience all those nightmares.

    I have been living with severe traumas for 6 years since then. Only with God’s help are we making it through and lots and lots of love and really never ending sacrifice. We have not given up. I should have gone to the newspaper or police, but I was afraid that they would not believe us about the torture that happened to our child there.

    Our child has healed slowly over the years and now since about 2 months she is able to sleep by herself without us having to lie down in bed next to her till she sleeps. She is still sleeping in Mommy and Daddy’s room right next to our bed 6 years later. We have had such hard times. She is recovering nicely now, but it took a tremendous amount of work and she still has problems with certain things that they did to her coming back as a flashback with anxiety attacks and panic attacks, etc.

    I do not want to make you more hopeless or worried, but I believe it that your children are being abused by CPS like you said. The “good” police should look into that. You are not alone. I am still afraid for someone to falsely accuse us again or to be identified through this posting. Try the lawyer Duane Corley in Conroe, Texas. He does not specialize in CPS cases, but with maybe $4000.- (a retainer fee) he may help you. I wish that you can get your children back as soon as possible.

    May God bless you and your family.

  5. Having been involved in the legal system here in Montgomery County, Conroe, Tx. many times for many years (both- criminal & civil) I can assure you that it is corrupt, unfair, and set up for us common folks to fail. This is a “Good old Boys Club” county & town. Where money, connections, family ties & whatever is in it’s best interest are the only things that count. I strongly urge you to heed the warning of being careful who you trust around here. I do wish you the best of luck and will keep you in my prayers. May Justice finally prevail!!!

  6. Thank you all for the feedback – it is July now and we are still fighting. The CPS caseworkers have been changed 3 times, they are still lieing and the children are in yet another ‘shelter’ because there are no ‘foster homes’ available. The family and extended family are many, but CPS refuses to let those family members have custody? Questionable in itself – the latest is they want to put the kids up for adoption. Tell ME it’s not about the money.

  7. We are going thru same thing in ca. Dealing with cps is in their benefit. Take it to another forum. Go to print out gaurdianship papers. Fill out correctly, get consent to gaudian sghned by parents and grandparents, file in probate court for temporary rlief and for gaurdianship. Do the children 1 by 1 or together. Yake it away from cps by claiming the parents cannot provide at this time.Hope this helps

  8. I am too going through this. My four boys have been taken from me and I am trying to find a lawyer to appeal my case. As my time is running out and I am a low income parent. I love my kids with all my heart. CPS and CASA are evil and completely out to take kids from their families. Especially ones who can’t afford a good attorney. My family was very happy and they have successfully ripped it apart. I Know exactly how you feel.

  9. Have you tried calling the Bar Association in your state? Have you stopped in at the free legal center in your county? I’ve lived all over the country and most communities have some form of free legal help available – besides Legal Aid, which I believe is mainly for criminals, but it never hurts to ask. I was not sure of myself at all and I was able to do my own divorce (entirely for free) with the help of a local legal community. Help is out there, you just have to keep asking, keep searching and you might end up having to stand up and go Pro Se. You can go Pro Se and win. Really.

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