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Problems in Reno!

Problems in Reno!

Here is our situation in Reno, Nevada. About a year ago, our son was having behavior problems; he was diagnosed with ADD and ODD and was being tested for autism.

We moved here from Illinois, there is a lot of help available for our special needs child as well as specialists for him to see.

CPS here in Reno recommended that we send our son back out to Illinois to live with a family friend — they even paid for him to make the trip. We made an agreement with the caseworker and our friend that he would come back here after kindergarten.

Now we can’t get him back from this friend, there was no paper work legally granting her custody. We are now being told that CPS should have never made that recommendation and that they should have never paid to have him sent over state lines.

What should I do? I don’t have a vehicle that will make it there for the court date. My husband has been laid off for the last month and we have 4 other children at home. We really need help.

Reno, NV

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  1. April

    I had a similar experience with Reno CPS is 2009. Was the cps’s workers name Tammi? Did you get your child back? Was your friend advised to file an ex-parte motion? Were they granted guardianship? Just curious.

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