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Breastfeeding Underfire

Young breastfeeding mom is focus for unfounded illicit CPS investigation.

I am a 20-year-old mother in Baltimore, Maryland. A couple weeks ago an anonymous person reported to Child Protective Services that my six month old breastfed son appeared malnourished.

Two social workers came by and demanded entry into my home to see my children. My husband refused to let them in. They told us that if we did not let them into the home they would take our son into their custody and they did not need a court order to do so. They called the police.

Breastfeeding Underfire

The police officers told us that CPS does not need a court order to enter the home. At this point my husband said that we would surrender our son and have a lawyer contact the social workers. At this point the workers called their supervisor. When the supervisor arrived she said they did not want to take the child, but that I needed to make a doctor’s appointment for him. She said that if I did this in her presence and let her see underneath my son’s sleeper that he was not malnourished everyone would leave. So, I did this. The supervisor said there was no reason to be overly concerned and everyone left. The police officers gave me their badge numbers and a report number before leaving.

Afterwards, I took my son to the doctor and the doctor said my son was thin but not malnourished or sick. CPS called back asking to come back for an interview. Still under the impression I had no choice in this matter I agreed to set up an appointment.

After the in home interview there was no evidence that my children were in danger. CPS is currently demanding that I allow them to come back to the home again. I am going to be seeking legal advice because to my understanding under Maryland law I do not have to let them in again. They want to come back again before my son even has his next follow up doctor’s appointment which leads me to believe they are simply trying to build evidence for a case unrelated to the original report.

— Nichole in Baltimore, Maryland


  1. Elizabeth

    You do not have to allow them into your home again before your son’s follow up visit. They will undoubtedly request a copy of the paperwork from the ped’s office after the visit, and most likely they will request another interview with your son/family. My suggestion would be to continue to deny them access to your home; however offer to bring your son into the office if they request to see him again. Good luck and please let us know what happens.

  2. Patricia

    Definately dont allow cps into your home an definately seek a lawyers advice as soon as possible cause as soon as you let them back in they’ll use whatever they see or find against you.An always have someone you trust with you as a witness an document everything that is said to you as well as what you say to them.An make them write up everything an state your rights cause even in maryland you have the right to protect your child an yes they have to have a warrant or court order an even if they obtain one its best to make sure you have a lawyer present when they show up.

  3. Patricia

    Also dont ever sign a safety plan refuse to sign it an let them know you have been advised not to sign it an that your lawyer wants to look at it an dont ever sign a release form to dss your giving up your rights as well as your childs privacy rights.

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